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Contact: Text Messaging Registration with 10DLC

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After July 1 2023 - you will not longer be able to send text messages from AllProWebTools using your account UNLESS you register your company on the website

In an email that sent out to all of it's customers earlier this month:
As part of U.S. wireless carrier efforts to combat spam and improve the delivery of legitimate text messages, a significant industry-wide change is occurring. Customers that send text messages using local phone numbers must register with a 3rd party reputation authority called The Campaign Registry. The registration requirements apply to 10 DLC messaging (10-digit long codes), otherwise known as US local phone numbers. There are fees associated with registration. is instructing everyone to login to their account and click where it says "SMS Enrollment" to fill out the registration form.
sms-enrollment2.png (24.84 KiB) Viewed 3489 times has provided these instructions to help you

If you need further assistance, please contact at 877-746-6310

Some questions you will be asked about what message will a customer see when they message you. You can test these by sending your self the text message. Here are the pre-programmed responses from AllProWebTools:
sms-campaign.png (158.79 KiB) Viewed 3486 times
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