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New Account Setup

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For AllPro Providers and AllPro Experts:

Here is a video that demonstrates the following steps:

1. Create a CRM record for the client or go to their existing CRM record.
2. Click the "Deploy button" in the "Provider Control Panel" on the right.
a. Choose which service you will be providing to this new account (are you their web developer, bookkeeper, coach, etc)
b. Choose a subdomain (only letters and numbers)
c. Choose who to be charged for this new acccount
d. Click the "Save" button to begin the deploy - this will take a minute or 2 - be patient and let it finish.
3. Once the account is created, you can close the box and the page will reload.
4. You can now click "Login" in the "Provider Control Panel" on the right.
5. Next, you should update the company information by going to "Settings" -> "Company Information" - fill out as much as you can and your client can fill in the rest later. The most important items to fill in are the Company Name and company email address.
6. Next you should create the user account for the owner of the acccount (and possibly their staff).
a. be sure to set one of the users as the actual OWNER of the account on the "permissions" tab for the user.
b. This video demonstrates how to setup a new user:

Setup APWT-SMTP (To allow sending marketing email such as Newsletters, announcements, and coupons to your entire customer list)

This video will show you how to set this up:

and this video shows exactly how to do it if the client is using GoDaddy:

You will be given 4 new records that will need to be added to the domain's DNS records. Many small business owners use godaddy to purchase their domain name. It does not matter if they have a website yet, or if their website is using AllProWebTools or any other system - you will still need to add these 4 records.

Import Contacts

Setup Cayan

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