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Auto Logout

Postby Dave » Mon Aug 26, 2019 9:15 am

AllProWebTools includes the following security features:

1 - Only one user can be logged into one device at a time - so if you login on one computer and then login on your laptop, the computer will be auto-logged out - while the laptop will stay logged in. (this does not apply when using the mobile app)
2 - If you leave your AllProWebTools account open for more than an hour without clicking any links, or saving any webpages or emails, you will be auto logged out. This is very similar to how online banking and other secure websites work.

It is simple to make sure that you do not get logged out, just be sure to actively click around in your account while it is open, and do not leave any partially written emails or webpages up without saving them first.

Please understand that due to the sensitive nature of the information stored in your AllProWebTools account: customer names, addresses & phone numbers, passwords, employee information, etc - it is important that your AllProWebTools account stays secured.

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