Sending Domains

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Sending Domains

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We highly recommend that you create a subdomain on your own website domain for hosting your AllProWebTools CRM. So instead of using: we recommend using your actual domain name (ie. like this:

Setting this up is quite simple. Just login to your domain host (usually godaddy, google domains or wherever you bought your website name from) and
create a new DNS entry of CNAME with the value of apwt that points to:
Here is a link to the official instructions on how to do this with GoDaddy: link
Here is a link to the official instructions on how to do this with Google Domains: link

When you are done, please be sure to send a text message to 970-612-1515 with a picture of the screen with your new CNAME so we can complete the process for you!

*** Please NOTE: It may take 1 - 24 hours for the changes to take affect and it is all dependent on your domain provider. AllProWebTools cannot speed up this process.

The location where you login will change.

You WILL NOT login at or - your new login will be at your own website with "apwt" in the front like this:
You will still use the same login and password - only the link to login will be different as explained above.

Once you can login at the new location, you must reset your CRM Inbox by deleting the webtool and then adding the webtool back
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