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Monday May 2, 2022 comments

With a Platform that still sees regular traffic of up to 1.8 billion daily users

The chances are good: your customers are on Facebook.


And the funny thing is, Facebook knows it. Advertising on Facebook has become a multi-billion dollar industry, and the facts are pretty staggering.

In 2020 Facebook made 89 Billion Dollars from revenue on paid Ads, accounting for a whopping 97% of all of the money the company made that year.

In 2021 during the pandemic, that number rose to over 100 billion. Advertising is not just Facebook's main revenue stream, it's also virtually their only one. Facebook is an ads platform.

Weighing the Competition

The rough side of this coin, is that when it comes to advertising Facebook seems to have little to no interest in slowing down. As the company's reach and revenue from advertising becomes greater, so too does the relative competition among companies on the platform vying for audience attention.


The good news is, Facebook has created tools to make lead-gen simpler for businesses with lead forms built right into their system. But the trick remains: What to do with all of that data?

To date, Facebook Ads Manager doesn't have a system to actually store, record or follow up with your leads. Files need to be downloaded from a form with the name, email, and phone number of leads manually before you can touch back to them.

That's why we built a System in AllProWebTools to Sort Leads and Traffic from Facebook for you.

Through a simple-step integration, AllProWebTools can handle Facebook's messenger managementleadboxes, record info and send automatic follow-ups all within one system. AllProWebTools can be configured to:

  • Automatically create records for leads who fill out Facebook lead forms
  • Receive text and chat notifications from Facebook Leads.
  • Schedule and send Email, Message, or Text Follow-Ups to any new lead. 

Here's how it works:

  1. A new lead fills out a Facebook lead form.
  2. A new CRM record is automatically generated in AllProWebTools.
  3. The name, email, phone number, and any other information gathered from the Facebook Ad will automatically be added to the CRM record.
  4. You can receive a text notification of the lead
  5. An email automatically goes out to new leads.  

Instead of having a delay of a few hours or days between when a contact fills out a lead form and receives a thank-you email or text, follow-ups can be templated in advance and scheduled to send automatically. This can cut the response time to leads down from hours to minutes, which can be the difference to those critical first steps of relationship building.


Get Started with Facebook and The Powerful Sales System in AllProWebTools

To learn the different ways you can integrate Facebook with AllProWebTools, read our blog tutorial here or watch below:




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