Your recommended email providers are changing prices - some free tiers removed

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Your recommended email providers are changing prices - some free tiers removed

Post by Stephanieo2940 »


This isn't a bug per se, but I thought it was something you'd want to be aware of: some of your recommended email providers seem to be changing their pricing structures.

As far as I can tell, SendGrid no longer offers a free tier up to 12k emails; it now has a 30-day trial.

JangoMail's free tier expires in 30 days, then jumps to a whopping $90/month.

Mandrill seems to have been absorbed by MailChimp, and requires a MailChimp account to use.

MailGun is now the only remaining option out of the 4 that has a free tier, up to 10k emails/month. If that disappears, then users will no longer be able to use AllPro's Email Marketing feature without incurring additional costs that aren't apparent up-front. As a provider, I'm concerned that that could negatively affect my relationship with the clients I'm setting up in AllPro, as well as affecting their relationship with AllPro.

Do you know of any additional email providers you could partner with, that still have a free tier? If not, do you think you could negotiate a deal for AllPro users with JangoMail and/or SendGrid, to ensure that AllPro users will continue to have access to their free tiers, and check with MailGun to make sure they aren't going to remove their free tier? I don't want to have to spring a bad surprise on my clients.

Thank you very much for your attention to this matter, and have a great Thanksgiving!

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Re: Your recommended email providers are changing prices - some free tiers removed

Post by Dave »

Yes, it is true that as we continue to add native support for new email providers - we cannot control their pricing structures and rate increases.

We are currently working on a new email integration that will be native to the AllProWebTools platform and will eliminate the need to use 3rd party email providers. Our plan is to offer an email product with high deliverabilty rates and competitive pricing. We will be releasing this as a Beta in the coming months.

You may also consider configuring a custom SMTP server. This can allow you to integrate with any email provider (even those not natively supported). Here are a few email providers that you may be able to configure with our custom SMTP settings: * - 9,000 emails / mo for free * - 150,000 emails / mo for free

* AllProWebTools has not tested these companys and cannot vouch for or recommend them for reliable service.

Your clients can also use the SMTP from their ISP that they use to send emails from their phone of Microsoft Outlook.

AllProWebTools has always supported custom SMTP settings. You can read more about this at the bottom of this page: ... Providers/
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