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Grew our business 100% every year for about 4 years now

"Aloha! My name is Steve Frailey. I live on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. I've been here for over 35 years. We have a 37-acre certified organic farm, and I've been using AllProWebTools, and I can't say enough about it. It has been fantastic for the growth of my company and our family farm. You'll see some of the expanse of our farm, what we do here, what they've helped grow our business 100% every year for about four years now. We grow noni, which is a fruit on a tree. We've been making noni products for over 25 years, Noni Fruit Leather and Noni Lotions that are very good for a wide variety of effects on people. Our growth of our monthly and yearly sales for the past four years have been 100% for a year due to what they do at AllProWebTools for us. When they developed the software, we switched from our original software to what that is now. The statistics really help in our daily functioning of the business, that we get from a wide variety of things: things we do from social media, things we do from coupons, tracking where people come from, where people are responding from, the growth and sales of different items, the amount of times we contact people. Whether it's the coupons, the blogs, the website, the newsletter, wherever they're coming from, we can track them from that. AllProWebTools, just as a farmer, I’m still learning how to use it, but it’s very, very user friendly, and you call them and they explain to you what to do, and I’m always very surprised at what it does do, and how well it does do it for us. I highly recommend AllProWebTools, this is Steve Frailey from Hawaii, aloha." 

Steve Frailey - Hawaiian Organic Noni,  Kuai Hawaii

We have been able to increase production.

"I'm Brandon from Colour Restoration. We are down in Longmont CO. We restore classic and muscle cars. We've been using AllProWebTools since about February and got AllProWebTools up and running strongly in March. Our system before that consisted of individual time sheets for each worker, where they were supposed to record their time in the project they work on each day, however that rarely got done, so it was usually crammed at the end of the week to get your time sheet filled out before you went home so with that we lost hours, we lost money, and we lost track of the project. With AllProWebTools everything is so calculated down to the minute of time, the customer really can't argue with the invoice, which has been a great benefit to us. We really were able to identify where we were losing money and why projects were falling off track. We've been able to increase production, which also helps to increase profit, we've been able to bring on more experienced guys that kind of weed out other workers, that you know, weren't pulling their weight, and it's been a huge improvement. Before the program, I didn't look forward to going to work, I didn't want to go to work and once Dave's program came in and i saw how well it was running, I was much happier, and less stressed out and enjoy coming to work now, so it's been a great improvement for us. " 

Colour,  Longmont CO

I Love AllProWebTools

"I'm Brenda Bowen, owner of Peace of Mind Accounting. My favorite tools of AllProWebTools is using the CRM, which lets me put notes for clients and all the details there. My assistants can see what notes I put on there, and I can see their notes, which helps in communication so we don't have to do it all through email where things get lost. Things are connected to the clients. Also, from there, I can task projects and delegate to my assistants, and we do our time tracking through there and our invoicing. I also have moved my website over to AllProWebTools and found their customer service to be great during that whole transition. I needed to come up with other systems and processes so I could communicate and have tools to use with the employees that were working for me. I know when my assistants have been logging in and doing something, and if I don't see, if I'm the only one who's showing up on the workflow, I know my assistants are not doing what they need to do at the time they need to do it." What about the password manager? "Love the password manager! I use it every day, and so being able to put all those passwords into the part of AllProWebTools where they're secure, and I can get into there and also set security ratings so that my assistants also can get into passwords that they are allowed to get into. So it's great to have one place to find all those instead of finding the sticky note, the piece of paper, the file that has that information. It kind of molds together because the CRM we are in every day with our clients, but with that is project management of assigning tasks to the clients so they -- there are certain tools in there that work together, and that's why I like it because there's one place, one dashboard where everything is instead of having to log in and have multiple softwares trying to do the same thing. AllProWebTools to me, as a bookkeeper, I am trying to get my service based businesses so people who are in business for themselves, who are entrepreneurs, to use AllProWebTools, one for their CRM, but also for their invoicing because if they can invoice their clients through AllProWebTools, then they keep that accounts receivable part on AllProWebTools, which I can log in and see. But I can use Quickbooks in a more simple way for them and not have to worry about knowing which deposit or payment was made for a certain client. That is all in AllProWebTools, and the combination of using Quickbooks in AllProWebTools to me is an ideal situation for a virtual bookkeeper or anybody else that's going to be doing bookkeeping for you to be able to have both items at the same time. Last year, I grew my business - double - and AllProWebTools has helped me enormously. I'm one of their biggest fans and will continue to be a cheerleader for them. Now I just use AllProWebTools and my email, that's the only two...and Quickbooks. I love AllProWebTools!" 

Bowen,  Greeley CO