Usage Rates

All AllProWebTools accounts include 1 GB of storage and 1 GB of bandwidth for all website and email traffic.

Why am I being charged in the middle of the month?

When your use of Metered Services (such as bandwidth and APWT-SMTP) surpass a threshold, AllProWebTools may make periodic charges to your credit card on file for the usage thus far. These periodic charges will appear on your end of month invoice as credits.

Access to AllProWebTools requires that a valid form of payment is maintained at all times on record in your AllProWebTools account.  When a payment attempt fails, an email will be sent to you and your AllProWebTools account may be temporarily suspended until payment is made.

Why is my monthly bill increasing?

As your business continues to grow, you will likely need to hire more staff which will increase your payroll costs.  As your business grows, you will also likely need a larger office - this will increase your rent.  Your business may also begin to use more electricity, increasing your electric bill.  Congratulations! Your business is growing!

Your online presence is no exception, as your website becomes more popular and more people are visiting it, there is a correlating cost increase.  There are two areas where these increases typically occur, Bandwidth and Storage.

What is this Bandwidth Charge?

We keep track of how busy your site is – that means how many people are visiting your site, looking at your content, and engaging with you!

We measure this by keeping track of data transfers to and from your site, which happen every time someone visits your site. Bandwidth is the amount of data transferred between your website and your visitors' web browsers.

With AllProWebTools, you get the first 1 gigabyte of data transfer per month for free, which is why you might not have seen this charge before.

As more people visit your site and your site gets busier, your website makes more data transfers each month, which means that you use more bandwidth. This is a good thing! It means that you’re reaching more people, that they like what they find on your site, and that they’re sticking around! It’s a great indicator that what you’re doing is working!

As more people visit your site, the costs increase and this is reflected on your monthly statement. If you have any more questions about how this fee is calculated, please feel free to ask us.

What is this Storage Charge?

All of the images and text that make up your website are stored in the cloud so that they can be accessed by your website visitors 24 hours a day.  These images and text take up space, much like when your computer hard drive gets full or if your phone is too full of images to download a new app.  AllProWebTools gives you up to your first 1 gigabyte of storage at no charge.  You can reduce your need for storage by deleting images that are no longer being used, and by making sure that images that are in use are downsized appropriately.

How can I reduce my expenses?

Start by taking a look at your invoice to determine what type of storage is being used.  Under the "Storage" heading, you will see this broken out into 2 types: Web Storage & Mail Storage.

For Web Storage, simply delete any images that are on your website that are no longer in use.  Here is a video to help you:

For Mail Storage, delete any past emails with large attachments.  You can also download your past emails and store them locally for archive purposes.


Additional usage is billed monthly at a rate of $3 / GB of storage and $3 / GB bandwidth.  All usage is rounded up to the nearest whole GB for billing purposes.  Bandwidth calculations include the sum of all inbound and outbound traffic.


Pricing Calculator

Pricing Calculator

Total: $10 monthly