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Business Texting

People prefer to text.  In fact, over 80% of consumers would rather text your business than call.  Now you can manage all your business texting from one platform instead of your cell phone. 

Let consumers text your business number.  The leads will flow right into the AllProWebTools Messenger.  You can respond to them from your desktop or on-the-go from your mobile app.

With a 98% read rate, texting is by far the most effective and most efficient way to communicate with your customers.

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Website Lead Generation

By adding a “Text Us” chat widget directly to your website you’ll convert, on average, 270% more website visitors into leads.

Configure your chat widget to direct conversations to the right department or rep.  Send alerts to your team when new leads start chats.

The faster you respond, the greater chance you have of converting your lead into a sale.  Automatically respond intelligently to your leads the moment they submit the chat.

Stop missing sales opportunities the moment we install the AllProWebTools SiteChat widget.

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Automated Follow Up

You’ve heard it a thousand times. “The fortune is in the follow up.”

But who has time to talk to and close hot leads AND maintain good follow up with the cold leads?

Unfortunately, most sales guys just don’t have the time or patience to follow up with leads consistently.

Let AllProWebTools do it for you.  AllProWebTools will continue to tastefully follow up with ALL your leads.  Your sales guys can stay focused on closing deals while AllProWebTools continues to nurture your leads on the backend.

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Message Broadcast

Need to get the message out fast?  You could send an email, but likely only about 20% of your list will read it.

With AllProWebTools you can send a text message broadcast to your list and enjoy a 98% open rate!  

This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to generate sales for your business.  Simply choose the list, type the message, and let AllProWebTools take it from there.

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Automatic Repeat Business Texts

Getting customers is awesome, keeping customers for life is even better!

With AllProWebTools you can make sure that each and every one of your customers is getting the follow up needed to make sure they book with you time and time again.

You can easily choose how often you want to follow up with your customers.  Whether it’s once a week or once a year or even more.  You have total control.

Keep your calendar full with repeat business year after year.






I Love AllProWebTools

"I'm Brenda Bowen, owner of Peace of Mind Accounting. My favorite tools of AllProWebTools is using the CRM, which lets me put notes for clients and all the details there. My assistants can see what notes I put on there, and I can see their notes, which helps in communication so we don't have to do it all through email where things get lost. Things are connected to the clients. Also, from there, I can task projects and delegate to my assistants, and we do our time tracking through there and our invoicing. I also have moved my website over to AllProWebTools and found their customer service to be great during that whole transition. I needed to come up with other systems and processes so I could communicate and have tools to use with the employees that were working for me. I know when my assistants have been logging in and doing something, and if I don't see, if I'm the only one who's showing up on the workflow, I know my assistants are not doing what they need to do at the time they need to do it.



Features Designed To Help You Grow Your Business

Capture More Leads, Connect Faster, Close More Sale


2-Way Texting

Communicate more effectively and close more sales with the channel most consumers prefer. Text them from your computer or from the mobile app.

Broadcast Messaging

Need to send a message to an entire list?  Sending a message broadcast is easy!  Simply type the message, choose the list you want to send it to and click send.  That’s it.

Drip Campaigns

The fortune is in the follow up! Create drip campaigns that will consistently follow up with your leads with conversational text messages.

Personalized Messaging

Spammy texts don’t work. Using merge fields AllProWebTools will personalize each message. Your conversion rate will skyrocket using conversational texts

Keyword Lead Capture

Capture more leads by encouraging them to text in a keyword. AllProWebTools will automatically respond, save their contact info, and continue to follow up.


Keep your contacts perfectly organized with tags.  This will ensure that you always send the right message to the right group at the right time. 

Mobile App

With our mobile app you’ll never miss a customer response. Carry on a 2 way conversation, schedule messages, send broadcasts and more, all from the app.

Lead Capture Forms

Capture leads with landing page forms and surveys.  When customers fill out the form they opt into your SMS list and AllProWebTools automatically texts them.

Email Automation

SMS is king but sometimes email is still appropriate.  Add emails to your campaigns alongside SMS.  Receive and respond right from AllProWebTools.


Connect with thousands of other systems to create the perfect flow for your business.  Send data both in and out of AllProWebTools with our integrations.

Scheduled Messages

Type the message now, schedule it for later.  Never forget to follow up with a lead again.  AllProWebTools will send the message for you automatically.



Use Your Existing Business Number Or Get A New One For Free

We can text-enable your existing voip or landline without interrupting your current phone systems.

Or you can choose a new local or toll-free number.

Toll-Free Numbers

Each account comes with a free 10-digit toll free number.  You can use this number to text large lists, 1 to 1 messaging, drip campaigns, and everything else.

Local 10-Digit Numbers

If you prefer to keep it local you can select a 10-digit number from your area code.  You can text from this number just like a cell number.




People Prefer Texting

People are busy.  They don’t want to call and spend time on the phone.  They don’t want to email.  Texting is the fastest and most efficient way to get business done

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98% Of Text Messages Get Read

Compare that to email at 20% (if you’re lucky).


270% Increase of Website Leads

When given the option to text your business, your web visitors are much more likely to contact you.


40X  Increase of Positive Reviews

People want to leave reviews. They Just forget. Dramatically increase reviews by sending a text invite.


Very easy to use!

"My name is Eric Sutfin. I own Xtensive Strategy, and I do Internet Marketing Campaign Development. Dave enlightened me a lot about the various tools and functions that AllProWebTools provides its users, not only internally within your business, but externally, forward-facing to the client. A user interface that is very engaging and easy to use as a client. The process of tracking where you are within your sales process or a relationship with your client is far easier. AllProWebTools is a very easy to use interface for an all-encompassing CRM and lead management process for your business that far surpasses any other contact management I've seen."

Eric Sutfin - Xtensive Strategy,  Denver CO



Does everything and more than I could have thought of!

"AllProWebTools helps us in our business in a couple of different ways. From an employer perspective, it helps to manage all of my day-to-day business operations, so coming from a service-based business perspective, AllProWebTools does everything and more than I could have thought of operationally. We manage that not only through the contact management system but the task management system, being able to see a list of all of our vendors and have notes about those vendors, being able to invoice our customers through one platform." 


Pure Communications


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