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AllProWebTools Version 5.8 (Expected 12-01-2022)

Posted: Thu Jun 03, 2021 3:06 pm
by Dave
  1. Ebay integration
  2. Marketing Tracking
  3. Mailgun Integration (can still use Mailgun SMTP)
  4. Sendgrid Integration (can still use Sendgrid SMTP)
  5. Mandrill
Base Package
  1. Bootstrap 4
  2. New default website layout
  3. All HTML system templates (plgs) to WYSIWYG
  4. Header and Footer templates to WYSIWYG
  5. Logo uploader with auto sizing for favicon, invoice logo, website logo, etc
  6. Who else works here (requested by Chrissanne)
  7. Leadboxes and Contact Forms now have an email reply button in the Workflow Timeline
  8. Drag & drop sortable menubar
  9. Per user timezone override
  1. Membership pricing will be considered by coupon codes
CRM Inbox
  1. report for email inbox/sent
  1. Ultimate contacts report
  2. Leadbox Custom Field Precedence
Email Marketing WebTool
  1. Marketing emails schedule in 15 min increments (Chrissanne)
  2. Email queuing AWS SQS