Acquire Leads Tool

B2B small business owners—looking for ways to get new leads into your sales funnel? This tool gives you unparalleled access to local businesses that might be in need of your solution.

Generate leads by dropping a pin on a map and using keywords to search for nearby businesses. Instantly access businesses' contact information, and add them to your sales pipeline with one click.  (Limit 5,000 leads / month)

Effortless Insight
Effortless Insight:

Rather than spending your valuable time searching for B2B leads, you can now generate them instantly, complete with contact information.


On-the-Go Access
On-the-Go Access:

Got a remote sales meeting? Want to search for new leads in that area, to visit while you’re there? Just drop a pin and start searching for your next client.


Automatic Organization:
Automatic Organization:

Automatically add leads to your sales pipeline, save them for later, or reject leads so you don’t see them again in your results. Save your valuable time!


What Can You Do With the AllProWebTools Acquire Leads Tool?

Search for local B2B leads by location?
Of course.
Access contact information for leads without digging through their website?
Access the tool from a mobile device?
Instantly categorize the lead?
You can add the lead directly to your sales pipeline, save it for later, or choose to never see it again.
Add tags to new acquired leads?
You can customize your own tags and sort leads as you add them to your sales pipeline.

Add the Acquire Leads Tool to your toolkit for only $25/month!

What are you waiting for?

Pricing Calculator

Pricing Calculator

Total: $10 monthly