Management Tools

If you’re like most small business owners, time management is a daily struggle. Time is your business’s most valuable resource—you can’t afford to spend it carelessly.

No matter how many team members your small business has (or even if it’s just you!) our management tools can help you:

Achieve higher accountability for deadlines and project schedules
Save time creating, storing, and accessing company passwords
Communicate priorities without meetings
Track productivity and profitability

Tools to Improve Management

Productivity Reports

  • Total chats, tasks, and notes made by each employee
  • See employee profitability
  • Reduce check-in meetings

Tasking Tool

  • Meeting-free communication
  • Set priorities, deadlines, and time limits
  • Easily track progress on a task


  • Improved time management
  • Full employee accountability
  • Daily reports on how company time was spent

Password Manager

  • User-based access
  • 9 different security clearance levels
  • High security storage

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