For the security of your account, we need to verify the identity of the person requesting to cancel.  Please choose one of the 2 options below to request cancellation.

How to Cancel

  1. Login to your AllProWebTools account.  If you do not have your login, read below where it says "Manual Cancellation".
  2. Go to "settings" and then "webtools". On this screen, you will see a red button on the top right that says "Cancel AllProWebTools".

Be sure to keep your confirmation code!  It will look like this:

Manual Cancellation

  1. Print out this form and be sure to include the date you would like your subscription to be canceled. 
  2. You can either scan the form or take a picture with your phone, and then email the signed form back to us at the email address listed on the form.  We will process your request immediately.

Download your Data

We never hold your business's information hostage, and all your data can be exported from AllProWebTools. Here is how to download your customer & lead data, invoicing information, product information, accounting reports, and other user data as needed.

  1. Log into your AllProWebTools account.
  2. Hover over "Settings" on the left blue toolbar and select "Import/Export."

Remember that once you cancel, AllProWebTools will not keep any backups of your data!

* Cancellations cannot be processed by verbal request or by phone call or by email or by text message.  Your cancellation is not complete until you receive a confirmation code.

Pricing Calculator

Pricing Calculator

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