AllProWebTools Infrastructure

Small businesses rely on the AllProWebTools service to keep their businesses running 24/7/365.  Whether AllProWebTools is being used as an ecommerce website, employee productivity tracking, or task manager - it is crucial that these services remain available at all times.  We take this responsibility seriously and that is why we have built this service on a stable cloud infrastructure and implemented industry best practices for Security and High Availability.


AllProWebTools has chosen to partner with Amazon Web Services to provide its secure cloud services platform.  In doing this, AllProWebTools has joined companies such as NetFlix, Yelp, Comcast, Pinterest and many others who utilize Amazon Web Services to provide their SaaS services.

The AllProWebTools server architecture utilizes both vertical and horizontal scaling with the goal of providing 99.99% uptime, scaling, and availability to adjust to the dynamic traffic needs of its user base of small businesses.

Dedicated server functions are layered to provide the total solution.  Multiple web servers are utilized to provide fast scaling and high-availability, while multiple database servers are in place with redundancy, backup, automatic failover, and transaction logging in place with the ability to restore entire databases or single transactions back to any single point in time.

A CDN with multiple edge points available in the United States is at the top layer of the application which provides caching and an additional layer of security.  Edge nodes are strategically placed around the world with an average request latency of less than 30ms and fewer than 10 hops.

AllProWebTools is built to service United States based small businesses.  For this reason, the web server distribution is limited to the United States - though the CDN layer provides edge nodes worldwide.  This means that even United States based small businesses with non-domestic website visitors and associates can still access the AllProWebTools service with reasonable speeds.

AllProWebTools employs a proprietary method of A record IP rotation.  This means that A records are changed frequently and a single A record cannot be provided that will always provide website resolution.  This method is employed to increase security by changing the available attack surface.

High Availability:

Web servers are configured with fail-over contingencies that allow unhealthy instances to be replaced with new web servers with a minimum of downtime.

All data is stored on database clusters with a minimum of 6 redundant instances that provide automated failover with virtually no performance impact.  A catastrophic failure of the entire cluster is configured to auto-heal within 60 seconds.

In the extremely rare case that the auto-heal fails, backups, snapshots and transaction logging allow for recreation of the cluster with virtually no data loss.


AllProWebTools employs proprietary monitoring and log aggregation systems which are embedded throughout the application to identify external threats and attacks on the system.  Threats can be addressed and instantly applied to the application providing immediate protection for all systems and accounts using AllProWebTools.

AllProWebTools continual vulnerability scanning process looks for flaws in our product and infrastructure along with validating current security hardening best practices. This supports resilience in all layers of the technology stack.

Web Application Firewall technologies identify and block attacks before they reach the web server layer.

Connections between clients and the AllProWebTools Console are always protected with top end in-transit encryption, advanced TLS protocols, and 2,048-bit keys.

PCI compliance is tested and certified regularly by external PCI Compliance services.


The AllProWebTools application is written as closed source with tight access controls for personnel to ensure security of the application and further reduce vulnerability to outside threats.

New versions are deployed with no required involvement from users.  Deployments can be made to the Beta Testers group and/or all users simultaneously.  This results in a very fast response and implementation time for threats and bugs as they are discovered.

Patch versions are released frequently and can be deployed quickly in response to newly discovered vulnerabilities and urgent bugs.

Minor versions are released on average of 60 days and mainly consist of feature improvements and updates.

Major versions are released annually and can include new features and core functionality updates and improvements.


API integration is not available to the AllProWebTools service.  3rd party development is not currently supported through API or any other means.

Where AllProWebTools integrates with 3rd parties for services such as payment processing, shipping, and cloud data storage, etc - best practices are employed to ensure security in data transit.


The AllProWebTools application utilizes several backup layers which include snapshots, backups, and transaction logs.

Client data is captured via snapshot in several intervals daily.  Client data is also fully backed up each day and archived for 1 year.

AllProWebTools provides an interface where clients may backup all of their data on-demand from their AllProWebTools Console Menu by selecting "Settings" and then "Import / Export".  Data can be exported as CSV and file assets are downloaded in a compressed package containing original file formats.

Pricing Calculator

Pricing Calculator

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