Landing Page Tools

Multiply your website leads by creating landing pages on your website.  

Our tools integrate with virtually any website platform and allow you to manage the results.

There is a reason why most companies invest in creating and providing free information on landing pages - they work! Not only can you promote your expertise by providing a resource to potential customers, but you can also capture valuable contact information from these prospects so you can build a relationship that leads to a future sale. 

Our landing page tools allow you to place leadboxes on your website pages to capture contact information before redirecting prospects to a thank you page where they can access your free content. Learn more about why landing pages so valuable by clicking here.

Our landing page tools allow you to:

Monitor Every Action
Monitor Every Action

You lose valuable data by importing and exporting email lists. With our system, everything is integrated so you can see the entire life of every contact from the forms they fill out to the emails they open, to the purchases they make.


Capture Leads
Capture Leads

Add leadboxes to any page on your website and redirect visitors to a thank you page with your free giveaway upon submission.


Use Your Own Website
Use Your Own Website

Stop wasting time trying to make a template resemble your website and brand, simply create a new page within your website platform and add our leadbox to it.


Why Use Our Landing Page Tools?

Keep control of your landing pages.
By using your own website platform to build and host your landing pages, you maintain ownership over your pages and simply append our leadboxes to them.
Monitor your contact's actions.
With our CRM, you can see a time line of actions taken by any particular contact, set follow-up tasks, and keep valuable notes for future reference. 
Set automated drip email campaigns.
Segment lists and create drip email marketing campaigns customized to each leadbox. Keep leads separated for future marketing campaigns.
Maintain brand consistency.
Our leadboxes attach to your website pages to maintain your brand's consistency. This eliminates the time and hassle of trying to customize a template.

Our Landing Page Tools come with our CRM and Email Marketing plans for only $30/month. Contact an Expert today to get yours.

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