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By: Kat Webster Thursday August 31, 2017 comments

Have you ever had a customer who forgot their password, or maybe they need help updating their credit card information? CRM is a start up founders valuable asset but once you've reeled in the customers there is a level of access required to assist their needs. Logging in as the buyer gives you the tools to do just that!

Logging In

To log in as your customer you must first find their CRM page.

  • This step is simple! just click on the magnifying glass at the top of the page and search for the desired customer
  • Once you are on their CRM page you can click the "Login As Buyer" button located to the right of the page above the Account Insight Box


This will take you to the customers profile on your website. This page will show you the Account Information, Unpaid Invoices, And Order History. This will give you the ability to do a number of things such as:

  • Edit their Contact Information: Name, Address, Phone Number
  • Edit the customers Login Email and Password
  • Update the customers Billing Information: Credit Card
  • View and Pay Unpaid Invoices
  • View old Invoices
  • Set Autoship Orders


With this access you can take control of your client portal for smooth communication with customers! As always we offer more support here and

 welcome all suggestions!

Kat Webster

About the Author: Kat Webster

My name is Kathlein, but you can call me Kat! I am the Client Communications Coordinator here at AllProWebTools. I moved to the Florida from small town Oklahoma. So when I'm not helping small business owners conquer daily challenges, I enjoy spending my free time lounging on Florida's Beautiful beaches with my family.





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