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By: Elijah Mendonca Monday January 9, 2017 comments Tags: allprowebtools, leadboxes, signup box, wordpress

While our existing users know that you can create & use leadboxes on a website that isn’t hosted with AllProWebTools, we figured we’d give our WordPress users some extra love.

Now, included in Version 4.5 of AllProWebTools, is our WordPress Leadbox plugin, which’ll make it considerably easier for any WordPress website users to get those leads flooding in!

If you haven’t heard of leadboxes before, we’ll give you a quick rundown

  • When someone visits a website, leadboxes are usually used to collect their information (Name, Phone, Email, etc) in exchange for some kind of reward (coupons, discounts, newsletter, etc.)
  • The leadbox then relays this information to your AllProWebTools account, and enters it straight into the CRM!
  • You can also trigger automatic email campaigns when someone enters their information!

Naturally, there is a lot more functionality to the feature, but that should serve as an introduction!


Here’s how to go about setting up your WordPress leadboxes

First, you’ll need to create a leadbox in your AllProWebTools account:

  1. Go to Contacts → Sign-Up Boxes.
  2. Click “Create New Box.”
  3. When you’re in the creation screen, you’ll be able to edit a number of features, including the way the box looks, the message on the submit button, as well as which information the box will ask your leads for!
  4. Since this leadbox is being used on a WordPress website instead of an AllProWebTools one, you’ll be required to change the “Thank You Page” setting in the creation screen to “Dynamic Message.”

Once you’ve successfully created a leadbox and have it looking just right, we can move on to setting it up on your WordPress website:

Setting up the Leadbox in the header, footer, or sidebar of your WordPress site

  1. Log in to your WordPress account → Click "Plugins" on the sidebar → Add New.
  2. Search for "allprowebtools" → Select the "AllProWebTools Leadboxes" Plugin → Click Install Now → Click Activate.
  3. You should now see an "AllProWebTools" option appear in your WordPress console. Go ahead and click on it.
  4. Now, in your AllProWebTools console, go to Settings → Administrator and copy the “api key” and “api auth” from the Tools panel and into the fields in the "AllProWebTools API Settings" in your WordPress account.
  5. Go To Appearance → Widgets in your WordPress account. From here, you can click and drag the "AllProWebTools Leadbox" widget into the header, footer, and sidebars available to you.
  6. Once you've dragged the plugin into the appropriate placement option, you can actually choose which leadbox you'd like to display by clicking the dropdown menu, selecting the leadbox & clicking save.
  7. Your choices will only reflect the leadboxes you've created within your AllProWebTools account.

Setting up the Leadbox in the content/body of a WordPress webpage

Please note that you'll still need to follow the Installation & Activation steps listed above before moving on to this list of instructions!

  1. For a Leadbox to display alongside webpage content, you’ll need to install the “amr shortcode any widget” plugin.
  2. You can do this by going to Plugins → Add New.
  3. Search for "amr shortcode any widget" → Click Install Now → Click Activate.
  4. Next, go to Appearance → Widgets within your WordPress account.
  5. Click and drag the “AllProWebTools Leadbox” widget into the Widgets for Shortcodes panel.
  6. Once done, select the leadbox you would like to use, save it, and then copy the shortcode it gives you.
  7. Click “Save,” and then paste the shortcode in the text editor of any of your WordPress pages and it’ll show up accordingly!

That’s it! You should be all set to have leads flooding in to your website!

As always, we have created a video to help you get your WordPress leadbox(es) set up without a hitch:

Elijah Mendonca

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