10 Entrepreneurs Share the Quotes that Inspired their Success

By: Andrea Lotz Thursday October 15, 2015 comments Tags: entrepreneur, success

1. Kage Spatz, Spacetwin.com


“When I first saw this quote, it was as if someone was able to put into words the exact feeling I had about working for someone else. Although there were many factors, these words provided that extra push I needed to pursue my dream of living as my own boss. Soon after, I quit my day job and never looked back. Each day since finding this quote and taking action, I can truly say I'm happier than ever before.”

"These words provided that extra push I needed." [Tweet this]


2. Danasia Fantastic, TheUrbanRealist


“This quote is from tennis great Arthur Ashe. As someone who is bootstrapping their own business, it's easy to feel as though there's never enough money, or time or energy to put into my business. This quote is a constant reminder that I need to continue doing my best, and making the most of the resources I have.”

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3. Mary Haskett, BeehiveID

“There have been so many times as a founder when I thought "If only I were a white, male I would have gotten that meeting." Or "If only we were based in Silicon Valley, things would be easier." When you are surrounded by news of exciting things happening in places far away, it's easy to feel at a disadvantage. Everyone suffers from "fear of missing out" (FOMO) but it's especially difficult for entrepreneurs to remember that whatever disadvantages you have (gender, location, whatever) come with a set of corresponding advantages. The great opportunity is where you are.”

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4. Adam Greenbaum, Greenbaum Digital

“I started my own digital marketing agency this year and the one thing I can guarantee my clients is that we'll do our best work the first time, every time. We're a new company and we've beaten out a number of much larger agencies for clients because we take the time to showcase our talents and display our level of commitment to being great at everything we do. We want our clients to know that our team is dedicated to an environment where excellence is expected.”

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5. Vladimir Gendelman, Company Folders

“Growing up in Russia, my mom used to say, ‘We're not rich enough to buy cheap things.’ She meant that cheap products are likely to break or need replacing, so buying one high-quality, long-lasting item is a better investment. Those words guide both my personal lifestyle and how I run my business.

When I buy supplies or hire services, I only purchase quality goods that will last a long time. If I cannot obtain those items for whatever reason, I wait until I can make it happen, rather than buying a cheap substitute.

 I also apply this mentality to my customers: I expect them to want a high-quality product, not necessarily the cheapest option. Even if I could lower my prices by cutting corners, my mother's words remind me not to compromise quality just to save money. This holds my company and products to the highest possible standard.”

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6. Liz Anderson, E.H. Anderson PR

“When I was visiting Chicago in 2008, I went to Harpo Studios. While in the Harpo gift store, I came across a greeting card that spoke to me. On the front [was this quote].

When I talk to a prospect, after only a few minutes, I know if we've connected or not. If we have not connected, that's okay. It's not healthy to work with a client -- or anyone for that matter -- where there's no connection.

At the store that day, I ended up purchasing all the cards with that quote, which I think was five. I've kept them in my desk, safe and sound. Over the years, only a handful of business associates have received a handwritten note on one of my Oprah cards. If those four people only knew how special they are to me... by a simple greeting card I mailed them. I have one left, who will be next?”

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7. Michele Jennae, Perpetual Career Institute

“I'd like to give an actionable quote from one of the great minds of our time. It's not earth shatteringly poignant or anything, but that's why I like it. Many business-people could benefit just by writing more down. I do it all the time, and advise my clients to do so as well. Richard Branson gives down to earth, real-world advice, not just quotable soundbytes.”

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8. Ryan Hulland, Netfloor USA

“As I've worked to grow my businesses, there have been plenty of times where I could have taken a break, stopped or flat out given up. We all face those obstacles. If we let our doubts get in the way, we will never achieve greatness.

I printed that quote out on one of those little label makers, and taped it to the top of my laptop screen. When I open my laptop each morning, it's the first thing I see. I remind myself that anything can happen, and that I can accomplish anything. But the moment you doubt yourself is the moment you begin to fail.

Being an entrepreneur takes a special kind of determination, and perhaps being a bit crazy, to take the punishment you're dealt every day. Many entrepreneurs are faced with make-or-break decisions on a regular basis. If you let doubt take over, you're not going to succeed. Believe in yourself. Believe in your dream. And never, ever stop working for it!”

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9. Helen C. Holt, Thewritingpreneur.com

“On days when I feel stuck, like my business is not growing, when there are setbacks, when it feels like I've hit a glass ceiling or it seems I just haven't done enough in 24 hours, this little piece of wisdom gently reminds me to focus on the big picture. Instead of beating myself up, I focus on the seemingly "little" things I did today, and acknowledging those victories. And most of all, it brings me back to the place that knows that although my actions seem "not enough" today, these decisions are the seeds of bigger things tomorrow.”

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10. Dave Kramer, AllProWebTools

“I figured out early on that I didn’t want to be anyone’s employee. I didn’t see how I could live the life I wanted working for someone else. I love the Back to the Future movies, and these words of wisdom from Doc Brown particularly spoke to me.

To this day, I have never been an employee. I’ve found that running my own businesses gives me the freedom to shape the course of my life. It’s the vehicle that gets me where I want to go.

Now, I work with small business owners all across the country, helping them realize their full potential with excellent software designed especially for small businesses. My mission is to help entrepreneurs automate the “work” of running a business, so they can focus on creating their own best possible futures.”

"I figured out early on that I didn't want to be anyone's employee." [Tweet this]

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