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Using your virtual phone



Here's the real deal. I will show you what it does 

• The system will only show the phone number that's dial-in if it doesn't match any contacts. You can track a person by creating a CRM for their number by just clicking on their phone number directly or clicking on the "Plus" button as usual. 



• Create a CRM for this phone number. This time, You can see that the CRM already has a name attached to this phone number. 



• On each CRM page, there will be a workflow timeline for only that CRM. You can see all of the activities here.  



  • You can add a follow-up date and time (1)
  • create a custom field (2)
  • or see insights of this CRM (3)

This includes the Account Manager feature which once you assigned someone, what that does is any further communications that come in are not going to disturb anyone else in the team, they're just going to go directly to that person alone. Also, anyone can change the account manager by themselves just because sometimes the previous manager's not available so you can move on with the task.



You also have the option to respond to that person's text directly from the CRM page by:

  • Clicking on the "New Txt Msg" button




  • This is going to pull up the small chat box at the bottom right corner of your screen 
  • And you can send texts back and forth with the person




• The workflow timeline gets updated in real-time  




• You can hover the mouse cursor over the "time" (where it says "1 hour" in this image) to see the exact date and time of that activity 



I'm certain that with the correct way ofmarketing, all of these features are going to help elevate your business and customer relation exponentially!


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