Billboards & Websites - Why You Need a Good Lead Box

By: Anna Yates Tuesday February 4, 2020 comments Tags: lead boxes, website

Websites are like billboards, as in that they provide a way to grab your prospects attention. But, what if customers could give their contact information to the billboard? What if I told you that your website could already do that? 


Your website needs to attract attention, but it also needs to provide a way for potential clients to respond so you can follow up with them. With lead boxes, you can make sure your website reaches out to customers instead of just sitting there like a billboard.

What is a Lead Box?

Lead boxes (alternately called lead forms, sign-up forms, sign-up boxes, web forms, or registration forms) are forms on your website that gather customers'  contact information in exchange for a value piece.

  1. Customers visit your website.
  2. They see a pop-up box asking them to give their email address to receive a newsletter or promotional.
  3. Once you have their email address, you can send them other emails and input them to your sales pipeline.

Lead Boxes the Old Way

A lot of people already have lead boxes that are connected to popular email marketing systems like MailChimp. Here's what goes down too often:

  1. A website visitor fills out the lead box.
  2. Their name goes on a master list and they get a generic email. 
  3. They don't respond to the email blast.
  4. The company loses the sale without another way to follow up.


The problem with those popular email marketing systems?

  1. They're not automatically synced with your CRM (customer relationship management system).
  2. You can't automate or customize the process of exporting/uploading contacts.
  3. You don't have a variety of ways to follow up with leads.
  4. You can't get insights on your leads or their interest level. 

Lead Boxes the New Way

No more clunky exporting and uploading. No more generic email blasts. No more guessing as to who you've contacted how many times. No more wasted time or lost sales. With the new way of doing lead boxes, you can:

  1. Automatically input website leads in your CRM.
  2. Tag and categorize leads according to which lead box they filled out.
  3. Integrate them in email campaigns designed to inform and build trust with them.
  4. Contact leads through phone and print, not just email.
  5. See the name, phone, and IP address of contacts who opened your emails or unsubscribed from the campaign.
  6. Encourage contacts to subscribe to other material when they unsubscribe from a campaign.
  7. Set filters and generate reports on the leads you need to follow up with that day.
  8. Keep records of how you contacted each lead, their responses, and interest level. 
  9. Track which sales team member is working with which lead.

These features are just the beginning of what the AllProWebTools system can do for you. AllProWebTools integrates your CRM, email marketing, and website/leadbox tools all together so you can streamline and maximize your efforts at every point. We want to save you time on the nitty-gritty stuff so you can focus on what you enjoy and do best - helping your customers. 


Anna Yates

About the Author: Anna Yates

Anna Yates is a Content Marketer with experience in social media marketing, email marketing, and blogging. She loves telling stories through writing and helping businesspeople find the solutions they need! Born and raised in Lakeland, Florida, she's right at home with the water and sun. When she's not outside, you may find her in one of Lakeland's quaint coffee shops with a cup of coffee, writing away.




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