Exciting New Features Unveiled at the AllProWebTools 4 Launch Party

By: Andrea Lotz Saturday August 22, 2015 comments Tags: #apwt4

Wow, what a blast.

Thanks so much to everyone who supported and attended our AllProWebTools 4 Launch Party last night! We were so excited to have over 100 business owners, coaches, consultants, web developers, tech writers, and more in attendance from all along the Front Range.


Launch Party Highlights:

We had so much fun celebrating with you all! Here were just a few of our favorite moments from last night’s launch party:

Seeing our out-of-town friends come rolling up in the AllProWebTools limo


The #APWT4 limo arrives in style! #mobilenetworking

A photo posted by AllProWebTools (@allprowebtools) on


The Stuff’n Mallows s’more making station, complete with open flames


Hearing audience members chanting “Chat! Chat! Chat!” right before we announced our new live chat feature


Donna Galassi of Blue Zenith Web Design guessing eerily close to how many AllProWebTools As were in the room to win our grand prize of the evening


Live reactions to the new features from the ladies at CR Conversations and Kimbirly Orr: “That suggestion forum really works!”


Epic dancing to ABBA classics blasted by our most excellent DJ, Jeff Fernandez of Encore Events and Entertainment


Witnessing 3 lbs of sour cream dip disappear over the course of the night

What were your favorite moments from the AllProWebTools 4 Launch Party? Let us know in the comments!

New Feature Announcements:

We announced the most ground-breaking AllProWebTools 4 features at the Launch Party last night. There are over 50 new features coming out in the new release, but these are the heavy-hitters:

Live Chat

We were so excited to release this major new feature, and it was awesome to hear people chanting for it before we even announced it! We think this is going to radically improve communication within your business. It’s even more convenient than texting, since it’s right from your console!

  • Send live chats to anyone in company logged into console
  • Chats can be monitored by admins
  • Searchable from within the AllProWebTools console

CRM Updates

We made a few updates to the CRM, the most-used feature set in AllProWebTools. These are mostly changes we made based on user requests, and the response we got at the party showed we’ve interpreted your wishes correctly! Keep those suggestions coming!

  • Integration with Dropbox, to tie specific documents to the CRM page of a customer
  • Popup alerts in the console for followup reminders
  • Ability to add custom fields to the CRM
  • Ability to tie tasks to specific clients in the CRM
  • Shows emails opened and unsubscribes in the CRM record

Snowmaker Integration

Snowmaker is the proprietary lead-ranking software of Extreme Relationship Management, founded by Tony Raburn. Tony was kind enough to help us announce the integration at the launch party, and we look forward to a great partnership!

  • Ranks leads to help prioritize follow-up
  • Helps quantify the potential value of contacts, whether they’re customer leads or not
  • Categorizes contacts: leads, possible referral partners, possible mentors, and more

Google Calendar Integration

This has definitely been our most-requested feature. Your AllProWebTools console now lets your Google calendar know when you’ve got a deadline approaching, so you can get the jump on it. Now you don’t even have to log into AllProWebTools to get those timely alerts about your business!

  • Follow-up reminders
  • Reminders for task deadlines

Hourly Scheduling Through Website

This is another popularly-requested feature. Now you can sell your time from your website, by the hour, half-hour, or 15 minute intervals. Block out times when you are and aren’t available, and let your customers schedule themselves.

  • Ability for entrepreneurs to sell blocks of their time online
  • Fully integrated with AllProWebTools ecommerce tools
  • Reduces need for a secretary, frees up time spent scheduling appointments

GPS Clock-In Location

Useful for any business that has employees who work in the field, or who work remotely. It’s just a check-in to make sure that everyone is where they’re supposed to be.

  • Location taken at clock-in through GPS
  • Easy way to increase employee accountability

Employee Productivity Report

We built this feature to give business owners greater insight into employee performance. Our goal is to help you reduce the time you spend in meetings with your staff, by giving you independent access to these kinds of insights. In the meetings you do have, you benefit from concrete data to build your discussion around.

  • Shows all important daily activity: tasks worked on, chats sent, client notes left
  • Calculates profitability by comparing hours clocked into company vs. client time

Again, we want to emphasize that nearly all of the new features for Version 4 are a direct result of requests by our users on our suggestion forum. Click here to go to the forum now.

If you want input into what goes into the AllProWebTools 5 release next year, that’s where you can go to make your insights heard!

Which of these new features are you looking forward to the most? Share in the comments!

A Few Special Thank-Yous:

These businesses were all superstar supporters of the AllProWebTools 4 Launch Party, and we wanted to throw them an extra-special shout-out. Thanks so much!

Eric and Angel, the Experience Pros

Eric and Angel did such an amazing job emceeing the program last night. We so much appreciate their enthusiasm for AllProWebTools, and the incredible energy they brought to the stage. Thank you so much, guys! If you haven’t listened to their show before, check them out on AM560, weekdays from 10-Noon. They really are the most positive business talk show around.

Stuff’n Mallows, Tastefully Trisha, Tea2Go, Squeal Rum, and Horse and Dragon Brewing Company

If you were able to attend the party, hopefully you got to sample the amazing variety of food and beverages our vendors brought for you to try. Thanks so much to these local businesses for helping support our event!


The party was hosted by Innosphere, the high-tech startup incubator in Fort Collins, Colorado that we are members of. We’ve benefited so much from the network of experts that make up the Innosphere community. We love being part of the thriving, growing startup scene here in Fort Collins!

We also want to specially thank everyone who drove from out of town to attend the event. It was so fun to get everyone together from all our networks on the Front Range. Hopefully you all met some new faces at the party!

The launch party wouldn’t have been possible without all our wonderful friends, users, and partners in attendance, and we’re so glad you were able to join us for the celebration.

From all of us here at AllProWebTools, we hope you enjoy the all-new Version 4 and use it to build and grow your business. We’ll see you this time next year for the release of AllProWebTools 5!

Andrea Lotz

About the Author: Andrea Lotz

Andrea is the resident writer for AllProWebTools. She loves to write about just about anything, especially small businesses, sustainability, and whatever is new and upcoming on the horizon.  She lives in Fort Collins and spends her free time cycling, welding, cooking, and playing ukulele. 

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