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By: Dave Kramer Friday November 6, 2015 comments Tags: clients

Bob and Gail Snyder, founders of Bob Snyder Insurance Agency, have a passion for the people in our Northern Colorado community. In 2000, Bob opened the agency with Farmers in order to provide a valuable service to his friends, neighbors, and local business owners, while creating local jobs.

Bob Snyder Insurance Agency offers home, auto, business, and health insurance, accompanied by their unique brand of personal care and professionalism.


Paper, Paper Everywhere

But as their business grew, Bob and Gail began to run up against a paper problem.

Paper problems are very common in small businesses that grow quickly. Hard copies are manageable while a business is small, and many business owners don’t realize their organizational paradigm is inefficient until the problem has gotten out of hand.

"Paper problems are very common in small businesses that grow quickly." [Tweet this]

 "It was a tornado of paper," Gail says. "My least favorite part of running a business used to be managing paper, tracking it down, digging actual papers out of files."

The small agency was drowning in stacks and files of paper, which caused no end of frustration as papers were passed from person to person, to complete tasks and workflows.

The Snyders’ paper problem had the business at a stand-still until that single essential piece of paper was found.  This increased frustration in the office, raised everyone’s stress levels, and limited professionalism and information security. They were in desperate need of a solution that could automate and organize their processes, so they could focus on providing great service.

Improving Customer Experience

AllProWebTools was the perfect tool for the Snyders to get organized and ditch that pesky paper tornado—to their clients’ great benefit, and of course to Bob and Gail’s peace of mind.

"It’s helped us create definable, repeatable processes that we do with every client, so we know everyone gets the same experience," says Bob. "We now have a tool to make the processes I know we need."

"We now have a tool to make the processes I know we need." [Tweet this]

Instead of passing papers around the agency, Bob Snyder Insurance Agency now uses AllProWebTools to manage client records and tasking, all through the cloud. Because the workflows all happen online, it’s now easy for Gail and Bob to track a client’s status and ensure no one falls through the cracks.

Using AllProWebTools’ CRM (customer relationship management) tools, the Snyders are better able to segment their clients and follow up appropriately based on their needs.

For example, when Colorado HealthOP recently announced they were going out of business, Gail was able to contact all of her clients with a HealthOP policy immediately, letting them know they would have the help they needed to look for new options. There was no need to search through stacks of paper to see who would be affected—the information was right there online in the AllProWebTools console.

AllProWebTools gives the Snyders the tools they need to care for their customers in a personal yet efficient manner. They’re able to do great work for their clients, with professionalism, speed, and great results.

Internal Efficiency

Bob Snyder Insurance Agency has also seen huge benefits internally, after switching to AllProWebTools. Streamlining internal processes doesn’t just benefit customers—it lowers stress, boosts productivity, and reduces mistakes and miscommunication.

"It is this super-simple way of communicating with our staff, tracking our clients, and implementing pretty fool-proof processes with each client,” says Gail. “We know what’s next and whose job it is to do it."

Rather than having tasks tied to pieces of paper circulating the office, AllProWebTools lets the Snyders put all their tasks into the cloud. Tasks can then be passed around digitally, so everyone can track their status, add input, and keep the project moving forward.

"Without technology, we would not have a business," Gail says. "Implementing efficient technology makes our business more efficient. The more efficient our business, the more time we have to help others."

Planning for the Future

One area where AllProWebTools can really help small business owners like Bob and Gail is in helping them plan for the future. The information and insight that AllProWebTools offers allows business owners to understand what’s working and what isn’t, so they can make better decisions.

Bob and Gail’s plans for the future include, "Using more AllProWebTools!" according to Bob. They plan to continue refining and improving their systems and processes, including putting some new ones in place to automate repetitive tasks.

"Because of our business model, we’ve often had silos,” says Bob. “Customers were very siloed in one or two product lines."

The Snyders plan to continue breaking down those silos, so they can offer the best information, options, and support to their clients across all product lines.

They’re hoping some new features from AllProWebTools will help them create even stronger workflows in the future. One reason we at AllProWebTools love working with business owners like the Snyders is, they’re full of great ideas, which we use to make our toolkit great.

We look forward to a long relationship with the Snyders, and we can’t wait to see how they’ll grow their business using AllProWebTools.

If you want to learn more about Bob Snyder Insurance Agency, click here to visit their website.

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