How to Accept Credit Card Payments through Your AllProWebTools

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AllProWebTools makes it easy to sell any kind of product from your website. Whether your product is shippable, a service, downloadable, or tickets to an event, your customers can use their credit cards to buy from your site.

All you have to do is integrate your AllProWebTools account with one of our certified PCI Compliant (Payment Card Industry) providers, and you’ll be all set to start selling your products.

AllProWebTools Payment Card Processing Providers

We support three different providers for payment card processing, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs!

AllProWebTools Recommends: Cayan (formerly Merchant Warehouse)

Cayan is our best-supported option, which we’ve found to be the best value for our small business users. It comes at a lower price tag, is convenient for your customers, lets you set up recurring payments, and allows you to swipe credit cards with a device that attaches to your smartphone.

To set up Cayan to work with AllProWebTools, you must use this link:

If you use that link, they’ll know we sent you, so they can set up your account correctly.

This service is very similar to Cayan, but usually comes at a higher price point. If you prefer to use to accept credit card payment, contact them about setting up an account.

Note: you can’t use our mobile Point of Sale device with


There are two ways you can use PayPal in AllProWebTools. With a Standard PayPal account, when a customer wants to make a purchase from your site, they’re taken to PayPal’s site, where they have to sign in and complete the transaction with their own PayPal account, before returning to your site.

If you want to offer the option for customers to use PayPal, as well as the option to pay from your site, we recommend setting up a Standard PayPal account, as well as an account with Cayan.

With a Pro PayPal account, your customers can stay on your website and pay with their credit card. Your customers don’t need a PayPal account, if your site uses PayPal Pro.

PayPal Pro works for some AllProWebTools users, but you won’t be able to accept recurring payments, and charges might look strange to your customers when they get their credit card statements, because PayPal doesn’t show them the name of your business.


Great for small business owners, Square sends out a free magnetic stripe reader when you sign up with them. The reader allows you to take credit card payments straight from your phone, and you'll often see the transaction hit your account in the same or next business day. It's a great option for businesses that have a physical Point of Sale.

Square offers a lot of benefits such as: the same retainer fee for all major credit cards, no monthly or hidden fees, fast transaction deposits, and even chargeback protection. Mobile, convenient, and with a lot more functionality than it really lets on, we are big fans of Square and definitely recommend it. You can read more about their services on their website.


Stripe is one of the more secure methods of charging credit cards on your website. Offering a flat fee based on monetary volume, Stripe leans toward being cheaper to use than PayPal up to a point. It is also one of the more secure options, since credit card data goes straight to Stripe's secure vault, instead of bouncing around your server beforehand.



Standard PayPal

PayPal Pro



Best Value

Most Expensive

No Monthly Price


Recurring Payments?



Not Supported

Not Supported

Clear CC Statements?



Not Customizable

Not Customizable

Mobile POS?


Not Compatible

Not Compatible

Not Compatible


We recommend using Cayan, because it’s our best-supported option, a great value for you, and convenient for your customers.

If you like, you can add on Standard PayPal, to give your customers the choice between paying on site with Cayan, or off-site on PayPal.

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