How to create account credit for your customers

By: Chopper Monday May 16, 2022 comments

How to create account credit for your customer

To give a customer store credit, you will first need to have a product of product type "Credit" which you will use to create an order for that customer. This is how you can add account credit to an account on AllProWebTools.  



1. Create a new product 

• You can create a new product by going to "Contacts" then "Products" 


• Click on the "Create new product" button 



  • When selecting the "Product Type" be sure to select "Credit.
  • Insert the price of the Credit product. We recommend $1 so that when you create an order for credit, the quantity of the credit product will be the same as the dollar amount you wish to create credit for



• Click "Save" to finish the product.



2. Create a new order

• Create an order as you normally would for a customer, but in the "Cart" select the "Account Credit" product you created (1)

• You can change the amount of credit you wish to add for the customer (2). This is where setting the price to $1 simplifies the process.

• Click the "Add Item" to finish creating the order (3)


• Click the "Create Order" button at the bottom of the page 



How to pay for partial amount  

Once the customer has paid using whatever method they'd like; cash, check or credit card, The credit will be added to their account.

If you have an order that has already been paid in full with account credit. You can follow these steps in order to enter a partial payment :

• Go to the "Store" then "Orders"


• Click on the ID number of the order you'd like to edit 


• Click the "Void" button to void the first payment 


• Click on the "Pay Order"  



Select a different payment option and pay again but only for the partial amount 


• Now, you can pay the remaining balance with their account credit


You can apply account credit to an invoice to covers only part of an invoice. This way, your customer can maximize the account credit to the fullest for their purchases!  



About the Author: Chopper

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And I'd say he's not just your regular nerd, he's the real jack of all trades because of his vast interests include playing instrumentals (guitar, guitar bass, bass drum, Thai traditional flute, piano, harmonica and he can sing!), acting, writing screenplay, cooking, kayaking, owning exotic pets and even business!  




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