How to set up SMTP with SMTP2GO on AllProWebTools

By: Chopper Monday February 28, 2022 comments

SMTP2GO is an international outgoing email service provider with native-English speaking support located around the world. It provides a fast and scalable email sending service focused on small to medium-sized businesses that send over 30 million emails monthly. 



You can use this serivice to send emails with AllProWebTools.

How to Setup SMTP2GO with AllProWebTools 


1. Create a SMTP2GO account

  • When you're signed into SMTP2GO, this is what you're going to see 



  • Click on the "Settings" > "SMTP Users"



  • Click on the "Add SMTP User" button



  • On this page, the system will provide you with the password of your account
  • We suggest to copy the password and save it on your computer at this step so you don't lose it 
  • Also you can configure the SMTP user on each tab too



  • Click on the "Unsubscribe Footer" tab in order to switch footers on/off for your emails



  • "Tracking & Status" tab gives you options to track click-through and open rate statistics 



  • And lastly, you can see receive notifications for bounced emails from your account by enabling the setting in the "Advanced" tab 



  • Click on the "Add SMTP User" button and the system will take you back to this earlier page



  • Now, you'll see the information that SMTP2GO provides for the user you've just created. This includes the Mail Server, Mail Port and Username 



2. Set up SMTP on your AllProWebTools console 

  • On your AllProWebTools account, you can go to the "Settings" > "Email"



  • Click on the "SMTP settings" tab



  • And then click the "Custom Mail Server Settings" at the bottom of the page



  • Here, You can fill in your Mail Server, Mail Port, Username
  • and Password you received from SMTP2GO website and save



3. Add your domain to SMTP2GO

  • On SMTP2GO website, go to the "Settings
  • And now we are going to go to the "Sender Domains



  • Type in your domain name then hit the "Add Domain" button 



  • Once you add the domain, you can click on the name of your domain to access its information 


  • You can copy your DNS records by just clicking on the "Copy" button 



4. Put in your DNS records

  • Log into your domain host websites
  • You can contact your domain hosting company for more instruction on how to add DNS records or you can also contact AllProWebTools for the support. 
  • After put in all the DNS records, you can come back to this page and click on the "Verify" button to see if they has been verified 



It's always a good practice to send test email to other email addresses rather than to yourself. Have fun!  



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