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It’s no secret that money is a necessity in our lives. Therefore, so are jobs. They are necessary. They are one of the major requirements of “adulting”. So surely, something of such importance that we spend 70% of our week dedicating our energy to, should be enjoyable, right? Right?

Well, it’s common knowledge that this isn’t always the case. Having graduated college a couple years ago, I stepped off the grand auditorium stage with my hard-earned degree and into a world I had no experience with. The working world. Nervous didn’t begin to explain my early post-grad feelings. (Don’t let the cheesy grin fool you.)

Following graduation, I worked a few jobs completely unrelated to my degree. My strategy? To get my feet wet with being a part of the workforce. To get used to a world that didn’t revolve around memorizing facts, endless tests, study groups, cliques, and the same continual objective - to get an A.

So, following graduation, I worked a few roles (videographer, server, and bank teller). They each had their own distinctive structures, policies, and environments.

Here are a few things I learned working these jobs: First, it’s really cool when companies look out for the best interest of their employees. Second, growth is important - like, really important. Finally, a company’s culture is everything. When these three factors work together, your job can be magic. 

Though I had good experiences in my first few roles as a budding professional, they’re simply incomparable to my experience working for this remarkable company (known as “the best kept secret” of small businesses) - AllProWebTools. I finally found the magic, guys. The Krusty Krab in a world full of Chum Buckets. Without further ado, here they are - the key ingredients to the “perfect job”, all of which this company proudly satisfies.

Continual Learning

Who said learning should stop when we hug our last college professor goodbye? Or turn in our dorm key? Right answer: it shouldn’t.

Sure, most companies provide you with training. Maybe it comes in the form of a PDF sent to your email inbox. Perhaps it’s a couple days of awkwardly shadowing someone’s every action, nervously anticipating when it’ll be your turn to step up to the plate. Yes, you learn some things. But often, it doesn’t go past this. Your learning is done and left behind in the training stage. Now, go do that thing we taught you, do it every day, do it well, and don’t forget to smile.

Um, okay.

The first company to show me that they actually care about furthering my knowledge beyond the position they were having me fill? AllProWebTools. Here’s how:

It was my first week. Naturally, my first day consisted of watching training videos and taking notes. This was the key to gaining fabulous insight into the company, how it works, and ultimately, how it helps people.

Done, what next?

Well, the rest of the week was a super-enjoyable mash-up of embarking upon new challenges, getting out of my comfort zone, and adding a whole array of new skills and knowledge to my professional tool belt.

Having formerly coached tons of business professionals in the past, our company’s Founder Dave Kramer makes it a point to not only build upon our natural talents, but also encourage us in other areas. This effectively keeps us just outside of our beloved comfort zones, but still totally enjoying the work that we are accomplishing. 

With periodic one-on-one conversations, Dave celebrated my accomplishments, shed light on areas for improvement, and provided tools and tips to help me accomplish similar tasks even better the next time around.

It was like I was being paid to learn. Incredible.


Of course, companies will say they care about your growth. They’ll tell you about the opportunities for advancement. They’ll give you the whole spiel about their sincere interest in how you’re going to grow with their company.

Most of us tend to keep a healthy air of skepticism when we’re at this part of the interview - and for good reason. At the end of the day, business is business. Sure, there are tons of companies out there that take active interest in the long-term progression of their employees. But if everyone had a guaranteed opportunity to climb the ladder, there’s a 100% chance it’d collapse with all the weight at the top. There is an order to every business. A place for everyone and everyone in their place.

This order is a natural byproduct of a functioning and operational business. And yes, this order also exists at AllProWebTools. The difference, though? The APWT “ladder” is more like the mile run from our old PE days. Minus the finish line, though. I’ll explain.

At APWT, everyone works to their own strengths, constantly improving with time, reaching their professional goals while also helping to accomplish company objectives. There is no finish line because, remember, the first ingredient to the perfect job is continual learning. It never stops. And unlike the typical company ladder, which brings constant competition and anxiety, the APWT playing field is level - just like the smooth asphalt track that once supported our adolescent footfalls in our 6th period PE mile runs. It’s the evenly paved track that pilots us down the path to better versions of ourselves. And that’s fundamental.

The only person you have to be better than is the person you were yesterday. The only time you have to beat is your own.

So, if you’re talking growth, AllProWebTools exemplifies the epitome of this. You have endless room to grow, tons of support and encouragement to do it, and all the resources you need at your fingertips.


Finally, here’s the last (and arguably most important) ingredient to the perfect job - company culture.

A company’s culture, in summary, is a mix of the following: how it operates, how its employees mesh, and the certain intangible “energy” you feel abuzz as you work within.

You can have a job in which you continually learn and grow, which successfully satisfies the first two ingredients to a perfect job. However, a company that lacks a good culture indisputably leaves something to be desired.

At AllProWebTools, the first two ingredients (Continual Learning and Growth) almost inadvertently create the third (Culture). In an environment where you’re consistently encouraged to become better, learn more, and achieve your goals, it’s sort of hard not to be happy.

Like a chain reaction, delight and motivation spread like wildfire, igniting drive within each individual team member. Infectious. Inviting. Intangible. Incredible.

I said it’s like magic. And it is.

When these three ingredients blend together, they create the most awesome flavor of work you’ll ever have the pleasure to taste. And that’s AllProWebTools, for ya. 

Don’t believe me? Apply for yourself…and get ready to apply yourself.





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