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By: Lyza Rivera Tuesday December 15, 2020 comments Tags: intern

As I knocked on the door to enter my new place of work, I was nervous and a bit unsteady. Will I succeed at this job? Will they take one quick look at me and say : "She has no idea what she is doing."?

My First Week at AllProWebTools

I was greeted by 7 friendly smiles and as I stood there looking a tad bit confused as to why they were all in a circle. They all passed around one sheet of paper with the word "affirmations" on the top. It started with:

"I am Awesome".

Then everyone proceeded to repeat that phrase on the top of their lungs.

"I am successful".

Everyone shouted "I am successful".

In that moment, I knew it was going to be a great day.

Tommie, who has been working here for a year, welcomed me to the team and introduced me to everyone in the office.

One concern of mine was that no one would care for the "newbie".

This definitely was not the case. 

The previous weeks, I had sat in my room researching all about AllProWebTools and what exactly they represented. I could instantly tell they were more interested in helping people than making money. I saw countless amounts of great reviews about AllProWebTools and I was anxious to start.


AllProWebTools is " more interested in helping people than making money."

As my first day continued, I saw nothing but teamwork and organization. In my previous jobs, we all struggled to find a pattern of organization; but not here. I was able to find all of the answers to my questions rather than always asking for help. I thought AllProWebTools was going to be very complex and that I was never going to learn how to use it or help people understand it. Again, I was proven wrong. 

My first week, I shadowed Tommie in mulitple support calls and he even had me offer assistance. At first, I was so worried I wasn't going to be able find the answer. But after hearing Tommie converse with people so well, I was no longer intimidated because I knew that with the support of my team and all of the available tools, I could find their answer rather quickly.

My favorite thing about working here is our face-to-face support. It's not the 1-800 number we are so used to calling when we need assitance. The amount of dedication this team puts in to helping people manage and grow their small-businesses is amazing. They are genuinely focused on providing assistance to those that are in dire need of it. 

In college, I spent so much time learning "by the book". But it did not prepare me to know exactly what to expect when I started working in the real world.

Usually, when someone fresh out of school enters the work field, their employers expect them to already have years of real-life experience under their belt.

Companies rarely hire people with little to no experience. I found myself struggling to find a job, and even an internship, because they all required at least one year of working in Programming: I did not have that experience since I originally began working in the medical field.


''AllProWebTools offered me the opportunity of a lifetime.''

I can now learn hands-on about Programming with real life scenarios and strive to be the best version of myself. I can't wait to apply my new knowledge to help small-business owners. 

Another concern of mine was my schedule. I am currently a full-time student in CyberSecurity and I also do volunteer work on my free time.

Not only does AllProWebTools provide me with a flexible schedule but they also make sure I am not being overworked. My manager continually checks in with me and makes sure that I am comfortable with the pace at which I am working.
In addition to that, I am also getting paid to learn!
I feel like I am the one who is benefiting from working here because I am gaining real-life experience and I get to work with a great team that gently pushes me to improve every single day.

My advice to whoever is looking to work here:

Do it, you are already missing out!





Lyza Rivera

About the Author: Lyza Rivera

Originally from the north, Lyza was raised in good ol' Lakeland. She is currently a Computer Science Intern at Allprowebtools and a full-time student majoring in Cyber Security. When she isn't working, Lyza is either listening to music or dancing in her room. She has always been involved in arts and is a very creative person, except drawing...but she can draw a very nice stick figure! In her spare time, Lyza loves to travel and watch tv with her dog!




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