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By: Ash Emrich Tuesday November 3, 2020 comments Tags: digital sop, employee management


So long to old SOP


When your Standard Operating Procedures are Digital, there's Nothing Standard about them


Do you remember being new at work, those first few days just so unsure of yourself and what to expect. Then weeks fly by in a blur of too much information all at once. Your mind is tired and heavy from overload, but you're starting to get a handle on your typical tasks at work. Your new company keeps digital SOP's so even though you may not check it as often as you needed to in the beginning, but it's right there, one click away on your computer when you need it again!



Digital advantages:


      • Accessible at all times to all staff  

      • Easy to update 

      • Guide and reference for employees

      • Uniformity in performance

      • Prevents misunderstandings

      • Keeps rules and expectations consistent 

      • Checklist for tasks 

      • Useful in Performance Evaluations



Save Time

Digital SOPs increase your business' productivity. Even those who have worked with you for years can forget the procedures for certain tasks they may not encounter as often, but rather than stopping someone else from their work to get help, there is a guide right in front of your employees to refer back to at any time for help. New employees can also use it as a guide, forming good habits right from the start. In their employee profile on AllProWebTools, selecting their name pulls us the folder for standard operating procedures 


finding your sop


Verbal Instruction 

Verbal instruction doesn't work. Too often employees reply "I didn't hear you say that" or "I didn't know you wanted me to do it that way", it's important to have a written document detailing what the expectations are. People prefer to have expectations addressed. Having the procedures documented on a digital drive gives a reference to both you and your employee about what is expected of them and what the standard is. This way you can minimize the misunderstandings and things that get forgotten. 


SOP screen


Check Lists

It's like a step by step guide, convenient to every employee. They can use it as a reference and follow checklists for common task and responsibilities. Stay productive and consistent even when an employee is absent or replaced. Digital SOP's make it simple for someone filling in to complete the responsibilities on their own because they can always follow the steps and procedures. 



Performance Evaluations

Having SOPs to reference makes it very simple to conduct employee performance evaluations. Just pull up the SOP and compare what was asked of them with their results. Looking at the SOP and their work will also allow opportunities to see where there can be improvement, if they're missing a step, or what they need to work on. You may even find that the way the SOP is worded is causing the issue, in which case you can ask the employee to clarify the procedure or task in the SOP.



Employee performance depends more on clear and concise instruction than it does on an employees attitude;


your employees want to be successful, and SOPs are one of the tools they'll need to do so.


Hear the top four ways digitial SOPs can greatly improve your employees performance with our video below: 





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