Setting Up a Variation Product in AllProWebTools

By: Kat Webster Tuesday February 6, 2018 comments

When a customer visits your e-commerce website, your products should be on display in all of their glorious colors and varied sizes. Humans are visual people and the more there is to catch the eye of a potential customer, the better.

As the website owner, however, setting up these color and size variations can often be a frustrating technical experience. AllProWebTools makes setting up variations easy – so that you’re able to focus on other parts of your business.

Setting up a Webstore

With AllProWebTools it’s possible to set-up a webstore on your AllProWebTools website. To add the commerce web tool, you should:
• Log into your account.
• Click on “settings” > “web tools.”
• Click the “available web tools” button, and scroll down until you find the commerce tab
• Click "add," and now you have the commerce web tool installed!
• Once you have the tool installed, you can start creating products under "store" and "view products." Click on "create new product" to add a brand-new item.

Creating a Variation

• To take an existing product and change it into a variation product, click on “product," then the “variations” tab. There you will see options to add variations.
• You can see available options in the variations dropdown. Click on the “+” icon and “add new” to create a new options set.
• Adding a “precedent” will allow the customer to choose more than one option, such as color and size.
• Create a name for your options (such as “blue” or “single”). The “precedence” tab will allow you to choose what order the options appear in on your list.
• If you don’t like the options that you’ve created, you can always click “undo” before you’ve saved.
• Click on “save” when finished.

Add a Variation

To add your newly created variation to your product, complete the following steps:
• Go back to your store and click “view products."
• Bring up the product you modified, and click on “variations” tab.
• Click on your desired options under “variations options," and then click on “add variation.”
• Click on “create variations."
• If you have child products under this mother product, all the information, such as product images, will be copied over to the variation listing.
• It is highly recommended to fill in the mother products with all the appropriate information, so you don’t have to rewrite these details for each of the child products.

After you hit "create variations," you will be taken back to your main product page. You will no longer have the "create variations" option because this is now a variation. You will also see all the child products - for instance, if you chose to make a color variation, you would see each one listed (Easter Lilies White, Easter Lilies Pink, etc.). You can click on each child product and edit it for information like price, weight, product name, and so on. To get a preview of your webstore, click on the product name. There you will see that the customer has the option to choose between your different variations.

Offering a variety of products to your clients is a sure way to increase revenue and create customer satisfaction. This easy-to-use commerce tool makes it simple to create options and add variety to your store.

Kat Webster

About the Author: Kat Webster

My name is Kathlein, but you can call me Kat! I am the Client Communications Coordinator here at AllProWebTools. I moved to Florida from small town Oklahoma. So when I'm not helping small business owners conquer daily challenges, I enjoy spending my free time lounging on Florida's Beautiful beaches with my family.




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