The War Against SPAM

Have you received a notice that "Your APWT SMTP account has been disabled due to poor sending reputation"?  

What does this mean?  Why can't I send any emails?

We know that you are a busy business owner, but it is very important that you read this document before contacting AllProWebTools Support.

All of the major Internet companies have established a guideline that anyone sending emails that gets more than 1 spam complaint for every 1,000 emails sent - may be banned from sending emails.  This policy was NOT created by AllProWebTools - but we are required to follow it just like everyone else.  Here are some references to this policy on the websites of other companies:


 So what can I do now? 


Option 1
Switch your email marketing to another company

Yes, you can start sending your emails from another email provider like the ones listed above, but if you continue to receive a spam score higher than 1/1000 emails sent.  They will disable your account and you will have to move to another email provider.









Option 2
Integrate your AllProWebTools account with a new SMTP service

This will allow you to continue to use AllProWebTools and maintain your CRM, Email Templates, and Email Campaigns. 

The difference is that you will no longer pay AllProWebTools for each email that you send.  Instead, you will pay a separate bill to a different company who is responsible for actually delivering your emails to your contacts.

You can see a list of compatible SMTP Services here.






Option 3
Request a review of your account from AllProWebTools Support

It is possible that you may have just slightly surpassed the threshold.  Perhaps you sent out 1,000 emails and 2 of them were reported as SPAM.  

The AllProWebTools Support Team understands that this can happen.  In this case, let us know when you plan to send your next big batch of emails and we will manually re-activate your account for just that single day.  This will allow you to send another batch of emails.  If you receive no more SPAM reports, your account will likely be re-activated.

If you receive additional SPAM complaints for that email batch, your account will remain suspended - you can still continue to use AllProWebTools to manage your email campaigns by following the instructions in Option 2.

Who is marking my emails as SPAM?

SPAM is in the eye of the beholder.  There is no computer system that is determining if your emails are SPAM or not.  When a real person receives your email and pushed the button in their email program that says "Report SPAM" or "Mark as SPAM", that counts against your company's Internet SPAM Score.

Here is a video that will explain some great tips to avoid being marked as SPAM:


Why am I just finding out about this now?

Whenever someone marks your email as SPAM, AllProWebTools alerts you in the Workflow Timeline as well as sending an email to your email address on file - alerting you to the situation and explaining how to avoid this.

AllProWebTools has also posted information about best practices here

We have also provided a Reputation Report that you can access from the main menu of your AllProWebTools Console.  Just click on "Emails" and then select "Reputation" to see a graph like this:

Bounced Emails?

It is very difficult for your Sending Reputation to reach zero from only bounced emails.  While bounced emails to impact your reputation, it would take almost 40% of the emails that you send to bounce in order to bring your Sending Reputation all the way to zero.

In order to avoid sending emails to a high number of invalid email address.  We recommend first running your email list through a service known as an "Email List Cleaning Service" before you upload the list to your AllProWebTools account. There are many webistes that offer this services online, just do a Google Search to find one.

There are 2 types of bounces that can occur:

1. Soft Bounce - Examples of this are: Mailbox is too full to receive new messages, Vacation auto-responder, Server is unavailable, Customer has not paid for email service this month, etc. These do NOT count against your Sending Reputation as they are legitimate and active email addresses that are temporatily unavailable.
2. Hard Bounce - This is when you attempt to send to an email address that no longer exists. This counts against your sending reputation because it indicates you are NOT sending to someone who is expecting to hear from you (because the email address does not exist)
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