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By: Dave Kramer Sunday May 17, 2020 comments

Entrepreneurs never have enough time - that’s a fact no business-owner will argue. And nothing wastes more time than trying to do everything manually. Automating systems, from appointment setting to responding to email, can save countless hours.

At AllProWebTools, we aim to make things easier for you. Our TimeAdder tool makes it simple to add a date to a special promotion or offer.

Imagine that you have a coupon, promotion, or a webpage that says, “Limited time offer, sign up by XX date to receive a special discount." That's a great way to draw in new customers! The only problem is, you don't know when people are going to respond. They might sign up tomorrow, or they might sign up two weeks from now – so how do you set the due date without manually updating it every single time?

Well, our new Time Adder feature can help you with that. There are two ways to automate your process, depending on whether you are adding it to your email or your website.


If you have a responder that goes out automatically after someone signs up for a list, you can easily use the TimeAdder tool to update a coupon code or discount offer by following these steps:

1. Go to email > view emails
2. Locate where you want your discount code to go, and place the cursor there
3. Go to widgets> TimeAdder
4. A row of digits will automatically insert into your text. You will notice that there are three numbers – 1|0|0. The 1st number is days ahead, the 2nd is months, and the 3rd is years.
5. Adjust the numbers to fit your needs. So, for example, if you want the promo to end two days after sign-up, you would adjust it as such: 2|0|0.
6. Hit save.
7. You will see a preview of what the email will look like when your customer receives it.

Web Page

Automating a promo or discount on your webpage is quite similar to the process used for email.

1. Go to my webpages > edit a webpage
2. Click the spot on the page where you want the offer to go
3. Go to widgets > TimeAdder
4. The same row numbers that we discussed above (1|0|0) will appear
5. Update the numbers to reflect when you’d like the discount to end - so, if you’d like it to end in 5 months time, it would look like 0|5|0.
6. Hit save, and the preview page will appear.

And that’s how TimeAdder will automatically add a flexible due date to your website or email! It's a super simple process, and this clever automation will add countless hours back into your week!

Dave Kramer

About the Author: Dave Kramer

My goal is to provide small business owners with the marketing, productivity, and commerce tools they need to make their business a success!

I am passionate about small business and helping small business owners to succeed in business through the use of technology and tracking systems to identify those areas in their business that can be improved. I enjoy the rush of being a part of a business that is growing.  It is so exciting to have helped so many business owners and their staff to improve efficiency.





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