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By: Dave Kramer Friday March 23, 2018 comments

Announcing the new AllProWebTools SMTP Service.  Previously, if you wanted to use AllProWebTools to send marketing emails, you were asked to get an account with a 3rd party SMTP provider such as JangoMail, Mandrill, or SendGrid.  Once you got the account, you would need to go through a very involved process to get it connected to your AllProWebTools account.  As we referred more and more of our users to these 3rd party services - their prices started going up.  In an effort to keep costs down for Small Business Owners, we started building a solution.

AllProWebTools has now created a fully integrated SMTP service that is easy to setup.  While you can continue to use any SMTP service with your AllProWebTools account, we think you will appreciate some of the new reporting that is now available with AllProWebTools SMTP.

List features here:

  • Reputatation reporting
  • If emails cannot be sent, you are notified
  • Great Deliverability
  • Gets to the inbox fast
  • ask john for more

The best part is now if you have a problem or question about your email marketing - there is only one company to contact to get help!


Your standard $10 / month for Email Marketing now includes the first 1,000 emails sent each month.  Each additional 1,000 emails sent is an additional $2.00.  Here is a chart for illustration:

Emails Sent per Month Price
1,000 $10
2,000 $12
4,000 $16
20,000 $48
40,000 $88

There is more to talk about here...

And here is the video that shows you how to get setup!

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Pricing Calculator

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