Why I Prefer Working at Startups Over Large Corporations

By: Elijah Mendonca Monday September 12, 2016 comments Tags: allprowebtools, small business, startups, corporations

Startup culture has been on the rise for a while now, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. People would rather work 80 hours a week instead of 40 hours if it means they get to work for themselves, or in a much smaller environment where they feel more valued. If you’ve ever worked at a startup company, or a larger corporation, you might know why.

So here are my personal, top five reasons for forsaking the big brass, and working at a startup where the stakes are high, and the days get crazy:

1) Transparency of Operation

At a startup, you’re privy to all sorts of information, whether or not it concerns you. Within a month of working at a startup, you know the ins, outs, and plans of action for the company. At a larger corporation, this is unlikely to happen unless you’re in a managerial position.

2) Everyone Pulls Their Weight

When you have a team of less than ten people, each individual is given very specific tasks, and it becomes increasingly obvious when someone’s lagging behind. Unlike larger firms, where I'd be willing to bet that a good percentage of workers are under-performing, a startup allows no room for it.

3) Your Skills and Talents are Recognized

This is basic management of employees. If you have certain aptitudes that the business can benefit from, you’re likely to be shuffled around into a role that somehow utilizes those talents, rather than being forced to spend all of your time in a role that doesn’t recognize you. Job fulfillment? Check.

4) It’s Challenging

This can go either way. Personally, I hate when two days are alike task wise. I love being challenged differently every day, because it keeps the job fresh, and my mind alert. A lot of people love to come in to work and just drone away at one task for the entire day. That isn’t, and will never be me.

5) Everyone Benefits from Growth

At a huge corporation with different products and multiple branches, it’s increasingly likely that you’ll be forced to work extra hours to achieve vacuous goals beyond your comprehension. At a startup, it’s your dream too. Everyone, including you, will benefit when the company becomes huge. You’d be lucky to even get a raise at a larger firm.

I'll support startups and smaller businesses for life, even if it's harder on me, because their quality of work life is incomparable!

Elijah Mendonca

About the Author: Elijah Mendonca

Usually going by "Shiva Mendonca" or "the coolest guy ever," Elijah is an Interactive Media Design: Video Game Design graduate from Becker College, MA. Having moved to Fort Collins, CO on a whim after graduation, he spends his free time sleeping, eating, writing, exploring the natural beauty of Colorado, eating, and sleeping (in that order).

His other interests include listening to music (metal), rock climbing, crossword puzzles, playing squash, swimming, hiking, and cycling. Read more of his work on the facebook page Shiva Mendonca - Author.

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