Why am I being charged in the middle of the month?

By: Chopper Wednesday March 9, 2022 comments

Don't you wish you had a car that did not need fuel?  You could drive as much as you want and never stop to fill up at a gas station!


Unfortunatley, such a car does not exist.  Sending emails also requires regular stops to purchase fuel.  In addition to paying monthly for the software, you will also need to pay for the amount of emails you send.

Simply put, your Email Service Provider is a bit like your Car, and your Email Sending is a bit like the Gas in your Tank. If you drive a lot, you have to stop more often to purchase gas.

On Data:

Sending emails is a metered service. You are charged for usage during the month.

The first thousand emails you send each month is free, after that is is just $2 per 1,000 emails sent.

How to Review your Monthly Usage and Service Fees 

  • You can see the details of your invoice by going to "Settings" > then "Webtools




  • On the right hand side, you will see the tab for "Billing History
  • Clicking the eyeball icon will provide a detailed invoice



  • Here, you will see an itemized list of services and the price charged
  • You can read more about each tool and service provided by clicking on links in green



  • For your Service Fee, see "APWT-SMTP Service", this is your service fee for emails billed monthly. (1)
  • Next to the fee, the number of emails sent for the month will be displayed. AllProWebTools usage rate is $2 per 1000 emails sent (2) 



I hope this article helps with understanding. We're here to set recruiters up for success!

Happy Marketing! 



Do you drive often without a license or gas? We'd love to hear your comments below. For more information about service and usage rates, start here.




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