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managing remote employees

Managing remote employees is a daunting task - it requires a different way of operating, and there's always concern about knowing if your remote employees are actually working. You need a way to monitor their tasks, productivity, and communication with customers. And when problems or opportunities come up, you need an effective way to communicate with them in real time.

As Angela from Taxanista experienced, managing remote employees presents several challenges. She and her team struggled with organizing information, and keeping track of tasks that needed to be completed. And then there was the ongoing struggle of managing remote employees as well as in-office employees and ensuring productivity remained high. 

After implementing AllProWebTools, Rosie Pena, Office Manager at Taxanista, said: "it’s improved (our) communication tenfold. We can see what’s been assigned as well as states of completion on every single task. Now all of our communication is fluid and transparent!"

Managing remote employees has also became a much easier task. With AllProWebTools, Snyder can monitor her remote employees' clock in and out times, as well as locations. She can also see what projects they're working on in the Workflow Timeline as they complete and update tasks. The tasking system has eased her mind about tasks not being completed because she can pull up a list of everything she has assigned and receive alerts if an outstanding task is overdue. And all of that improved efficiency means more time for the Taxanista team to focus on their clients and help them succeed.

Behind every successful business is a successful business technology. See for yourself how AllProWebTools can help you manage remote employees, organize tasks, and streamline communication - sign up for a free demo!

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