A Winning Team: What it's like to work at AllProWebTools

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Pulling back the curtain on what it's like to be part of our team!

The AllProWebTools team celebrates Taco Tuesday at the office!

AllProWebTools is special - it offers a pioneering product, serves wonderful customers, and fosters a unique environment in the office. That special environment has a big impact on the way team members feel about the company and the way they do their jobs! Here are the 3 big things the AllProWebTools team say they love about AllProWebTools:

The Team Environment

Talk to any AllProWebTools team member, and one of the first things they'll mention about AllProWebTools is the incredible team environment. Other workplaces are often competitive, condescending, and harsh, but the team at AllProWebTools is reassuring and friendly.

"Now I can come into work and not feel like someone's upset with me or like I did something wrong," says Kaitlyn, our support member and sales agent. In the other places she's worked, there was always drama:

  • Co-workers would talk behind each others' backs.
  • Management would yell at employees.
  • Tense relationships behind the counter would spill over into customer relationships.

But Kaitlyn is happy to have a change here at AllProWebTools. "Everyone gets along. It's a drama-free zone."

  • Team members support each other and talk through problems.
  • Management encourages and motivates team members even when they make mistakes.
  • Customers can see and feel how relaxed and friendly team members are because of the positive work environment.

"Nothing is ever done by yourself. If you need help, reach out to someone."

The team environment is also open and collaborative. Noah, one of our programmers, loves that AllProWebTools recognizes everyone is stronger in individual areas and encourages them to work together. When team members communicate, things get done a lot faster.

"One of the coolest things is that everything Ben and Elliott and Dave have known - I didn't know it coming in, but it's come to me now. And I've been able to teach them some things that I know."

That sense of community strengthens each team member because they know they don't have to figure things out on their own. Kaitlyn agrees: "You can ask questions here. Nothing is ever done by yourself. If you need help, reach out to someone."

Ben and Elliott especially appreciate how the team environment is motivated and professional

"Working in a school environment is totally different than a work environment. In college when you're working on a group project, half the people don't want to be there. The other half tries but has no idea what to do." At AllProWebTools, everyone is invested in the business - they want to be here and are prepared to contribute to the team.

Programmers Elliott, Ben, and Noah work on software projects side by side.

Elliott notes how much better time management is in a team:

"In college, if you get stuck on a bug for days or weeks, it's normally ok because your deadline is far away. But at AllProWebTools, you still have to fix the bug pretty quickly so you pass it on to the next person if you can't solve it." 

Each team member agrees that it's a joy to be part of such a passionate, positive team.

Character Development

Another important aspect of working for AllProWebTools is the management's focus on character development.

While AllProWebTools looks for team members who will contribute to the environment, they focus on developing team members to become the kind of programmer, customer support representative, or writer who can succeed anywhere.

The biggest focus at AllProWebTools is communication. This looks like:

  • Managers checking in on their team members to talk about tasks.
  • Programmers sitting down to talk through options until they find an answer.
  • Writers asking for help from support representatives on blog topics, and support reps going to writers for help with messaging.

For each team member, better communication is one of the most important qualities AllProWebTools has given them.

AllProWebTools develops team members to become the kind of programmer, customer support agent, or writer who can succeed anywhere.

For Kaitlyn, patience and thoroughness are also significant character traits she's learned at AllProWebTools. When she first started, Kaitlyn says she wanted to learn everything the first day and handle everything on her own.

"That's what was expected at other jobs. They taught you and then expected you to just have it from then on. But here I couldn't learn it that fast and I wasn't expected to. It taught me to slow down and have patience."

For me as a writer, the emphasis on details and excellence is one of the most important qualities AllProWebTools has given me. Sometimes it's easy to ignore or overlook things that drag down my writing. Blogs may be good, but not as effective or compelling as they could be if I focused on details.

Anna interviews programmers Elliott, Ben, and Noah about what it's like to work at AllProWebTools.

One of the catchphrases in the AllProWebTools office is: "Do details matter?" The answer is obvious - YES! But paying attention to all the details takes energy. When I write, I have to be extremely specific about

  • who I'm writing to
  • what they need
  • what kind of language will speak best to them
  • how to present information in a consistent, compelling way.

Serving customers well and providing a quality product requires it!

AllProWebTools isn't just running a business. They're building the future of small business by developing patient workers, detailed thinkers, and good communicators who can improve the small business community anywhere they go.

Brighter Outlook and Better Opportunities

The AllProWebTools work environment impacts team members even outside the office. 

Kaitlyn's story is especially dramatic. "I wasn't taught you have to go to college to be successful. But if you want a better life you have to go to college. So once I dropped out of college, I got the message that for the rest of your life you're going to be making sandwiches and do nothing with your life. That's all that you have."

They're building the future of small business by developing thorough workers, detailed thinkers, and good communicators who can improve the small business community anywhere they go.

Before starting at AllProWebTools, Kaitlyn was working at a pizza place. She was working 40+ hours a week without overtime, and the team environment was awful.

"I was underpaid and under-appreciated. I'd always come home in a bad mood and not want to do anything because of how bad a day I'd just had."

Since she's started working with AllProWebTools, Kaitlyn's life has drastically changed.

"I feel like I'm a whole different person. I can talk to people a lot differently. Then, I hated what I was doing every day. I woke up hating everything. Now I look forward to coming in to work."

Kaitlyn working on a support call next to AllProWebTools programmers, Noah, Ben, and Elliott.

She loves that AllProWebTools is a positive environment where she can feel good about what she does, who she does it with, and where she's going from here.

"With this opportunity, I'm proud of what I do, proud of who I say I am. I could be here for a while, but it would also give me a jump for other opportunities. I thought I was at a dead end, and then I got this job. And now I know I'm meant to go further."

Kaitlyn is still exploring her career options and figuring out what she wants to do. But now she knows that she has new opportunities and hope for her future. 

"I thought I was at a dead end, and then I got this job. And now I know I'm meant to go further."

So what is it like to work at AllProWebTools? It's like a winning relay team where each person works together and does its job to help get the trophy. It's like discovering a new world of possibilities and growth you didn't know existed. It's like finding a place where you belong and can make people's lives better. It's a work experience truly unlike any other.

Want to get involved with AllProWebTools? We're hiring - apply now! In the meantime, read about Taco Tuesdays in the AllProWebTools office!

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