Your Customers Like You, They Really Like You

Monday November 30, -0001 comments

You have awesome customers.  They buy your products, they tell their friends to buy your products, and you get to buy boats. 

You like your customers, and they like you.  They like hearing from you. They like to hear that you’re having a sale, and that you got a new puppy, and that you parted your hair different today, but mostly that you’re having a sale.

With AllProWebTools, your website comes fully stocked with an email system.  From here you can send subscribers recurring emails, newsletters and reminders. 

The AllProWebTools email system exists to send thousands of emails at once.  This is extremely useful as the popular email systems out there such as Google, Yahoo, Outlook etc do not.   

The system will allow you to select from a long list of pre-designed templates.  From there you can also select from any existing copy that has been written for emails.  If you have not written any copy for emails, no worries!  The next page you will be directed to will allow you to select the email you just created and edit the copy.

Editing an email is very similar to editing a web page.   Add images, links, or any additional information that you want your customers to have immediate access to. 

AllProWebTools’ email system will continue to be helpful as your business grows.  Keep your customers informed with annual, monthly, biweekly, weekly, daily, HOURLY emails!  I promise, they won’t mind. 




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Pricing Calculator

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