Send Limit

Every New AllProWebTools Account has a Starting Send Limit of 100 emails / hour.

  • As you use your account to send emails, your send limit will increase.
  • When you change your Domain in your AllProWebTools account, your send limit will reset to 100
  • Your send limit affects how many contacts can be automatically assigned by the Prospecting Pools
  • Your send limit affects how many contacts you can manually add to a campaign



Increasing Send Limit

The more emails you schedule, the higher your limit will increase each hour.  For example, when you schedule 1,000 emails to be sent:

  1. 9AM: 100 emails sent
  2. 10AM: 100 emails sent (100 cap)
  3. 11AM: 200 Emails Sent (Cap Raised)
  4. 12PM: 500 Emails Sent (Cap Raised)
  5. 1PM: 100 Emails Send (End of Campaign)

After this, your new send limit will never be less than 500 / hour

Use Scheduled Emails to increase your send limit FAST

Expert Tip

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Account Maximum

All accounts are limited to a maximum send limit of 10,000.  10,000 daily is 300,000 emails sent per month and would cost approximatley $600 / month.  This is a sufficient limit for the majority of users.

You can request a special consideration (by contacting the Support Team) for a send limit increase if your account meets all of the following conditions:

  • The account has been sending emails in daily volumes approaching 10,000 / day for at least 6 months
  • Spam complaints have been exceptionally low
  • Bounces are exceptionally low
  • Reputation score is above 75%








Pricing Calculator

Pricing Calculator

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