Domain: The name of your website and the part of your email address after the @ sign.  You could have:

Setup New Domain:

Change your Domain:

Changing your Domain will not change your reputation with AllProWebTools.  If you have a record of high bounces or spam complaints, changing your domain will not change your status if your Account is Under Review.

Changing to use a new Domain will help if your previous Domain has been blacklisted

Your emails may be going to the "junk folder" because your domain is so new, there is no reputation behind it.  Receiving Email Services are sensitive to seeing a new domain that is suddenly sending thousands of emails.  You may need to slowly ramp up your email sending over time.

It is also possible that you have purchased a "new domain name" that is new to you, but was previously used by someone else who damaged that domain name's reputation by sending spam email long before you purchased the domain name.