Local Blacklist: An individual company may decide to put all emails from you into the junk or spam folder - or they may not deliver your emails at all!  If a single company decides to blacklist your emails, it has no effect on other companies' decisions to allow your emails or to blacklist your emails.

Global Blacklist: This is a list of domains that is known to send unwanted emails and many email companies all look at this list to determine if an email they should allow their customers to see the email.


Each Receiving Email Services may choose to block every email that you send to ANY of their customers.  These services will look at your "From" address and it will not matter what service you use to send your emails (It may be AllProWebTools, mailchimp, Constant Contact, or any other) your emails will go directly to "junk" or in some cases will be deleted immediately when they come from any email address at your domain.  At this point, your domain name is essentially "burned".

If your emails are landing in the spam folder for Gmail specifically, you will see this message: "Why is this message in spam? Lots of messages from were identified as spam in the past."  This means that your domain name is on the Gmail blacklist and only Gmail can change this.


It is possible to be blacklisted by one email provider and not blacklisted on another.  When you get reports from your customers that your email landed in the "junk folder", we recommend taking notes about the email addresses.  You may see a pattern such as they are all gmail email addresses, or they are all yahoo email addresses.

How to appeal your blacklist status:

Unfortunately, the email providers are constantly changing these links, so it is possible that they will not work when you click them.  You can do a Google search to find updated links for these providers or to find other email providers not listed here.

Rather than appealing to these email companies (which can be a lengthy process with many forms to fill out and then to ultimately have your appeal denied) - many people have found that it is easier to purchase a new domain name (You can purchase from AllProWebTools for just $1 / month)











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