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By: Audrey McCranie Monday December 16, 2019 comments Tags: certified, expert, allprowebtools expert

Have you been an AllProWebTools Provider for a while now?

Are you ready to take the next step?

This article will walk you through the process of setting yourself up as an AllProWebTools Certified Expert!

What makes being an Expert so impactful?

AllProWebTools Certified Experts have access to several exclusive perks. You'll receive:

  • FREE access to your personal AllProWebTools account and all available WebTools when you sign up at least one new client every 90 days (your account will remain free when you sign up and maintain 10 active users).
    • Direct support from AllProWebTools to recruit, sign up, and manage users
      • No setup fee for anyone you sign up, allowing you to determine how much you will charge

But, one of the most attractive features of being a Certified Expert - you'll receive leads directly from AllProWebTools of people looking for help with their business!

You receive leads through free advertisement to active AllProWebTools clients in the AllProWebTools platform. For example - say, you're a Customer Retention Specialist. When our clients are working in their CRM on their AllProWebTools account, they'll see an ad for your company and the services you provide, along with easy and direct ways of contacting you. Which is why setting up your Expert profile completely and accurately is so vital!

Here's a video to walk you through the process:

If you're ready to get your Expert profile set up to start receiving leads, here's how to do it:

1. Go to the "Expert" option in the menu on the left side of your AllProWebTools account

2. Select "My Profile"

3. In "My Profile," fill out all of the information requested and upload a logo for your business

And that's it! Your business profile will start appearing as an ad throughout AllProWebTools.

Audrey McCranie

About the Author: Audrey McCranie

Customer support is the name of Audrey’s game at AllProWebTools. She’s driven to help people make the most of their experience with AllProWebTools, and is passionate about communicating new ideas and skills through blog articles, training videos, or one-on-one chats. Outside of the office, Audrey is listening to and lifting heavy things at the gym, exploring the great outdoors and her hometown of Lakeland, FL, doing yoga, creating art, working at her church, making music with her band, writing, or enjoying one of her favorite podcasts.




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