AllProWebTools 4.4 Release

By: Dave Kramer Wednesday June 8, 2016 comments Tags: #apwt4, features

When it came to planning our 4.4 version, we decided to focus on all those "little things" and clean up the interface so that it will be even easier to perform those repetitive tasks.

Here is a listing of some of the new features that I think you will really enjoy:

  1. First of all, we have added an extended "undo" feature for when you are editing your webpages, blogs, and emails.  You can now save several versions of the same page, and recall past versions.  We hope this new feature will prevent users from losing their changes if something goes awry.
  2. There were a few things about the commerce WebTool that were not quite right.  One of these adjustments was updating the "your item has just been shipped" email to include the items that were ordered and the address they were shipped to.
  3. Our goal is to continue to improve the email marketing WebTool over the next few months.  In version 4.4, we have added the ability to select a "from address" when sending a "test email".  We have also improved the user interface for sending scheduled emails.
  4. We have improved the signup box system so that you can choose to keep the visitor on the page when they click the "submit" button (avoiding the separate "thank you page")
  5. In our effort to provide more choices to users of the email WebTool, we have added a new integration with an email provider, SendGrid.  SendGrid offers competitive rates which you can read more about here.
  6. The search algorithm was also improved to help your website visitors to find the most relevant results when searching your website.
  7. We have added a new column to the task display which provides the customer name that the task is tied to.  We believe this will help those with many tasks to more quickly find tasks related to a specific client.

Click here to see all of the items we are working on now for version 4.5.

As always, these improvements were chosen as a direct result of the feedback we have received from the AllProWebTools community.  We appreciate all of the support and would like to encourage everyone to keep the suggestions coming!  For more information on how to make a suggestion, see this video:

Dave Kramer

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