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By: zoe Tuesday April 26, 2022 comments

Better file Management helps Accountants Keep Clients and Regularly Beat their Annual Revenue Expectations.

  • What's the status on that?
  • Can I get an update on where you are on my project?
  • What's the deal with these changes?

It's the same story every time I hear it. A client sent an email but left out the attachment. You're certain they did, anyway, because you always save attachments from clients when they came in. They get lost in emails otherwise.

Of course the client is insistent they never forget an attachment. They're pretty certain too.

So overall, things are going great.

But ultimately it's true. Studies by CFO and Infoclutch both recently showed that - despite using Quickbooks for their accounting and financial reports - nearly 70% of accountants could not say for certain that around 40% or more of their client data was actually up to date or accurate.

For an industry where accuracy matters, an uncertainty of nearly 40% seems like a lot. That's a lot right?

Why the Disparity?

The answer it turns out has little to do with financial literacy and everything to do with clients. I recently spoke with an Accountant who from just one business client was tracking:

  • Receipts and transaction histories
  • income and expense records
  • asset and loan information
  • the inventory buy/sell histories and financial reports from the year
  • the previous year's tax return
  • along with his client's payroll data and P&L history

...all through spreadsheets. Because his client kept changing, updating and resubmitting information to him, staying current with his client was a dedicated, round-the-clock effort.

We figured there had to be a better way to do that, which is why we built the best file manager for accountants out there.

Pulling the weight of all your Data Entry For You

AllProWebTools file manager puts an end to the constant dance of tracking down your clients most up-to-date information. Need to pull your accounts' most current inventory statement? Just pull up the client's profile and immediately see their most recent uploads in the file manager. No email or text fishing required.


This also cuts the need for data entry. Keep everything in a single database tailored to each client that you and your team can access just by signing in. Never wonder if the information in your spreadsheet is the most up-to-date when the system catalogs and dates files automatically.

It helps too that it cuts the confusion of sending email attachments back-and-forth between your team members. Need a file? Log in and get it!





Instant Updates and Task Management

AllProWebTools has made my dialogue with clients easy. I can put together a financial statement for a client and ship it over with one button. Another button generates an invoice and fires off to the client for service. Everything is stored for me in the Workflow Timeline.


All I have to do is write what I want in a task, push one button and let the system do the work. Voila! It generates the update with the text and portfolio link I provided. Easy.

Knowing your clients needs, easily assign Tasks to remind your staff to contact leads, turn in reports or projects, or even send progress updates to clients with a single button!

Tags and Use with Quickbooks

Using AllProWebTools to manage your files alongside Quickbooks is easy. In fact there's no need to alter your work in Quickbooks at all to start using AllProWebTools. Simply upload your current client list as a .csv to AllProWebTools and start easily sorting clients by need, industry or services provided using Tags. Using tags, you can set up automatic reminders to clients to return important documents on time. 

With your clients' profiles set up in AllProWebTools, attachments sent through client Texts, Emails or even Social Media Messages will automatically be pulled, sorted and dated in the AllProDrive.


It's time to ditch the Spreadsheet.

AllProWebTools makes staying on top of your clients' info easy.

Click here to learn more about how AllProWebTools makes work easy for Accountants. Or better yet, to experience how AllProWebTools makes file management easy first hand, schedule a free demo and get hands-on with the software yourself.



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