Bounced Email


When you send an email to an account that doesn’t exist, that email will be returned as undeliverable, that’s a Bounced Email.

Your account cannot have more than 200 bounces in a 24 hour period

There are Two Kinds of bounced emails:

  • Hard Bounces
    • A hard bounce is an email that has never existed, which means you didn’t pay attention. Hard bounces impact your email reputation.  This is common when a correct email address is misspelled.
    • Too many Hard Bounces shows email providers that you are sending emails to people who don't know you. It is assumed that you are buying lists of email addresses for people who do not know you and did not ask to be contacted by you.  This impacts your email reputation and can result in a suspension of your ability to send emails.
  • Soft Bounces
    • A soft bounce is an email sent to an inbox which is full or while the service was down, which renders it undeliverable.  If you try resending later - it may work!
    • A Soft Bounce is a result that happens because of problems with the Receiving Email Service and does not harm your email reputation.


More bounces put your domain at risk of suspension with your Sending Email Service and potential blacklisting by Receiving Email Services.


How Can I Prevent Bounced Emails?

  • Clean your lists
  • Only send to people who have requested that you communicate with them
  • Use an Email Verifier, like myEmailVerifier or Neverbounce.

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