[3DC-3] How to Create a Drip Campaign in AllProWebTools

By: Anna Yates Saturday June 6, 2020 comments Tags: email marketing, drip campaigns

In our previous two blogs, we discussed why to use drip campaigns and how to use them effectively. AllProWebTools is a powerful all-in-one system that can help you run efficient and profitable drip campaigns. 

So you're ready to get started with drip campaigns, but how do you actually set up a drip campaign in AllProWebTools? It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Create the emails for your campaign.

  • Go to Emails  View Emails  Create New Email

  • Name the email and add subject line
  • Pick template

2. Create your campaign.

  • Go to Emails  Manage Campaigns Create new campaign

  • Name the campaign
  • Add tags and triggers

3. Add emails to the campaign.

  • Go to edit campaign  Add Email

  • Choose 1st email, set time, and the amount of time you want between emails

  • Choose 2nd email, set time, and the time between emails
  • Repeat for all the emails in the campaign

Have more questions? You can contact our support team if you already have an account with AllProWebTools, or you can send an email to us to start an account with us.

Plus, sign up for our free live webinar on October 12 to learn directly from our experts about all things drip campaigns.

Anna Yates

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