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Need more leads? If you're a small business owner then you know there are never enough leads... follow our step by step instructions on acquiring more leads for your business! 

As a small business owner, you're always looking for one thing: more leads! And if you're a B2B business, leads can be difficult to find. But how do you find your ideal customer in the haystack of online shoppers? The Acquire Leads tool from AllProWebTools helps you find leads in specific areas so you can turn them into customers.

So how do you get started finding more leads with the Acquire Leads WebTool? There are two parts to setting up the tool: adding the Acquire Leads WebTool, and configuring your AllProWebTools account with Google.

How to Add the Acquire Leads WebTool to your AllProWebTools Account

1. Go to Settings WebTools.

2. Click "Add a New WebTool," scroll down to "Acquire Leads," then click, "Add."

How to Configure your AllProWebTools account with Google.

Google will let you use their service for free for a year. During that time, you can gather up to 15,000 leads. After your year-long free trial, you'll be charged 2 cents per lead. 

These are the steps to set up your AllProWebTools account with Google.

1. Go to Settings  Administrator.

2. Go to the Google Configuration box on the right side of the screen, and click "Get Places Key (Acquire Leads)."

3. To create your account with the Google Cloud Platform, select "I agree" and click "Agree and Continue."

4. In the dashboard, click "Create" to create a new project.

5. In the "New Project" box that opens, type the Project name "AllProWebTools." Then click "Create."

6. At the far right of your screen, click the three dots next to your profile image, then click "Create Project: AllProWebTools."

7. In the box that opens, click "Go to APIs overview."

8. In the APIs overview, click "Enable APIs and Services."

9. In the API Library, search "Places."

10. Once you've searched, "Places," click the "Places API" option.

11. Next, click "Enable" in the Places API box.

12. After you've enabled the Places API, go to the far left of your screen and click "APIs" in the menu bar.

13. Scroll down to "Maps JavaScript API," and click on it.

14. Click "Enable" for the Maps JavaScript API.

15. After you've enabled the Maps JavaScript API, click the three bars in the top left of the screen.

15. Click on "Billing" in the menu bar that opens.

16. In the Billing screen, click "Link a billing account."

17. In the box that opens, click "Create Billing Account."

18. Select "I have read and agree," then click "Agree and continue."

19. Fill out your information, add your card information for payment, and click "Save."

20. Next, go to "Credentials" in the menu bar on the left side of the screen. 

21. Click "Create Credentials" to see the drop down menu.

22. In the drop down menu, click "API key."

23. Copy the API key under, "Your API key."

24. Go back to your AllProWebTools dashboard, and go to Settings  Administrator.

25. In the Google Configuration box, paste the API key in the "Google API Key" field.

Finally, you're ready to start using the Acquire Leads WebTool to gather local leads!

How to Use the Acquire Leads WebTool

1. Go to Contacts Acquire Leads. 

2. Follow the directions to drop pins and find leads!

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