Top Four 2015 New Year Resolutions for Small Business Owners

By: Adam Barnhart Thursday January 1, 2015 comments Tags: small business, email marketing, crm

The New Year is a great time to look back on past progress, evaluate priorities, and set goals for the future. Especially for small business owners, it’s important to reflect on how far you’ve come and what you can do to keep moving forward. New Year is also a time for resolutions – a time to challenge yourself and to take that next step.

Here are four great ideas for resolutions that could bring your small business to the next level in 2015.

Develop an Email Marketing Strategy

This doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds. In our holiday blog we gave lots of suggestions for setting up automated emails that require very little maintenance from you. If you don’t have an automated email marketing strategy set up yet, the new year is a perfect opportunity to ramp things up. Try setting up a virtual negotiator campaign or commit to automatically following up on abandoned carts, and you’ll be amazed at the results.

Make Sure Your Passwords are Secure

Every year, it seems like it gets a little harder to keep your information and passwords secure. Tech expert Sharon Profis, in a recent article on password security, CNET recommends all passwords be at least 16 characters and contain a combination of numbers, symbols, uppercase and lowercase letters, and spaces. The problem is, passwords like this are impossible to remember – that’s the point! For small business owners, the AllProWebTools offers a great password tool which generates and stores random, secure passwords in an easily search-able database. What really makes it stand out is that it runs on user-based access, so your employees can access the passwords you want them to. If you’ve been lax with your passwords, the New Year is a good time to ensure your security.

Start a Blog

It seems like a daunting commitment to start a blog and keep it updated with relevant information. In actuality, writing even a very brief blog that you update once a month can have a big payoff for very little work. Blogs create more content with keywords about your business for search engines to latch onto. They give your customers important updates about what’s going on in your business and in your industry. Blogs can also be a great way to promote new products or special offers.

Implement an ERP

ERP software keeps inventory management, ecommerce, payroll, tasks, timecards, and much more running smoothly. Until recently, it’s only been used by large businesses who could afford the high cost and support the infrastructure required. But now small business ERP software is available, and it’s important for small business owners to take advantage of the opportunity to grow. This year, evaluate if you’re ready to start using a small business ERP. We wrote a blog about different ERP software solutions for small businesses and we encourage you to take a look.

New Years is a great time to make both personal and life changing resolutions. We can help you set up any of these strategies for taking your small business to the next level this year. Contact us at AllProWebTools for more information!

Adam Barnhart

About the Author: Adam Barnhart

Adam is the Marketing Director at AllProWebTools.  Years of experience in the world of eCommerce and online marketing have taught him the value of implementing a solid foundation software to run a business.  Adam lives in Fort Collins Colorado and enjoys skiing, playing guitar, and starting online ventures.




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