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By: Aubrey Blankenship Tuesday June 6, 2017 comments Tags: employees, new features, habits, email

Old habits may be hard to break, but new ones are even harder to acquire - even for us! AllProWebTools was created to provide small business owners with all the tools necessary to succeed - and we are adding more everyday! But even we get into the habit of doing things the same way we always have and not taking advantage of the tools available at our fingertips. Here are the some business management tools and techniques available within AllProWebTools that have been hard for our team to adopt but have made a world of difference!

CRM Email Inbox

We LOVE this feature - but it took a while to get used to using it. The CRM Email Inbox allows you to track every single inbound and outbound email interaction with a client right from the contact record within AllProWebTools. Dave, the founder of AllProWebTools, was the biggest proponent of the tool...and the last person to use it regularly.  

He knew the CRM Email Inbox tool would save him a lot of time and stress, especially when he needed to find an old email, but his habit of responding to emails from his Gmail account was a hard one to break.

However, after a few weeks of making a conscious effort to switch over, Dave now uses the feature the most out of anyone in the office, and it has indeed lived up to his expectations. You can learn more about how to setup the CRM Email Inbox by watching this handy video tutorial. Need some extra help? Contact one of our Experts to set it up for you!

Google Calendar Scheduling

For the first six months of his time with AllProWebTools, Elijah had been manually creating calendar follow up events in Gmail.  Then one day, he needed to schedule a meeting for someone else but didn't have access to their Google Calendar. That was the catalyst to him trying out our Google Calendar Scheduling feature. 

Instead of going to a shared Google calendar in Gmail, Elijah went to his AllProWebTools system and created an event there - in less time and with fewer clicks. He assigned the follow up to another user in his AllProWebTools account and it instantly showed up on that person's Google calendar. 

It's fast and easy to sync your Google calendar with your AllProWebTools account. Watch the following video to see how to set it up or contact on of our Experts for help.

The Tasking Tool

Ok, show of hands, who has sticky notes, scraps of paper, or notebooks full of lists of things you need to get done? How often do you find yourself rewriting the same things over and over because you either lose the original note, or need to transfer uncompleted tasks to a new to-do list? We've all been there, but we don't have to stay that way!

John is involved with so many different programming ventures over the course of the day: from system upkeep, to customer account care and the development of new features. Initially, John wrote all his tasks down on paper - like the rest of us. But he soon found he was losing a lot of time writing and rewriting lists and some tasks were getting lost entirely. It took time to retrain himself to use AllProWebTools' tasking system, but when he did, he fell in love! Now everything he works on is well-documented, up-to-date and can be sent from person to person without any data falling through the cracks.

The great news for you is that our tasking system comes standard with the basic $10/month level of AllProWebTools. If you'd like a little guidance on how to use it, watch this video or contact one of our Experts for assistance.


The Acquire Leads WebTool 

As the Lead Account Representative & Salesperson of AllProWebTools, Shantel was often tasked with finding new leads and getting in contact with them. Prior to using AllProWebTools Acquire Leads WebTools, she would spend hours searching Google. She would look for specific businesses in various geographical locations, writing down their information and adding a note to follow up with them. It was a long and tedious process. Today, Shantel uses our Acquire Leads WebTool to do her prospecting. As a result, she compiles lead lists in minutes vs. the hours she would spend before, and uses the tool to save contact information, add notes, and filter her sales pipeline.

To learn how to setup and start using the Acquire Leads WebTool, watch this quick video, or contact one of our Experts for help

Old habits are certainly difficult to change, but if you are willing to learn something new, there is no limit to the amount of time and frustration you can save yourself. We want to make your transition from old to new habits as simple as possible, and our Experts can introduce you to business management tools and techniques that can transform the way you do business. They can walk you through, step by step, the best way to use certain tools. If you don't know what tool to use, they can help you with that too by listening to your struggle and identifying the best tool to fit your needs. Then, they can either manage the new process for you or help you learn how to do it yourself. Either way, you are probably spending time doing a lot of things you don't need to do. Contact an Expert today to learn how to simplify your business and find greater success.

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