Sending Cold Emails? Try this:

By: Natasha Friday March 25, 2022 comments

The No.1 goal of cold emailing is to get your email read.

Easy idea on paper, right? And yet pretty much everyone in business receives dozens of emails a day and most get left unopened.

What gives?
Well fact is, most people in general know how to recognize cold emails on sight. I mean how often do you open cold emails in your inbox, how can you tell so quickly? Consider: If a client doesn't recognize your email address, your contact is likely not to look past the subject and first line before deciding to open, read or delete your email (or worse).

The takeaway? That first line and subject of your email have got to be on-point. Let’s take a deeper dive to see how we can write better cold emails and improve your open rate.

Subject line 

With sales emails in general, you need to be critical of your subject line. People are cautious towards you if you are interacting with them for the first time. If your subject line is something like “make millions with this once in a lifetime opportunity,” you're putting yourself in the line of fire to have your email reported as spam.

Instead of trying to sell right from your subject line, do a little research on your lead and then ask a question.

This might sound counter-intuitive, it's a good idea to target something that reads very casually. For example: If you discover a company is hiring and you want to help with placements, try "Quick question about the [current position] you have open".

That might look generic, but it also doesn't ask a lot from the reader to open the email and see more. If your email body is sound, you've just got your email on the hook. 

Email body 

The first line of your email needs to be very specific and to the point.

Remember: 81% of all emails are opened and read on mobile devices. According to SuperOffice. If an email is too long a reader is likely to click off or maybe even delete the email right away. Keep it simple and straight to the point! 

As a bonus, try to personalize your email to the client. Say something that could be specifically tailored to the person or business you are reaching out to.

Tip: Use a compliment in your header ( Hello Mike, congrats on working with [COMPANY NAME]! ) something to make them give your email a closer look.




Every single email should deliver a call to action (CTA). A good way to do a CTA is by giving your client 2 options. Ask them "Are you available to connect tomorrow or Thursday?". That means when you aim to close you're saying to your client: "your choice". A client who wants to close will meet with you!

Bonus: Follow-up

By now, you've sent your best cold email and heard back from your lead. Did you close that call? Best thing to do next is to follow up. If a client is warm but hasn't messaged you, send another email up to four days later. Is okay to be aggressive about it, don’t think that you're bothering people: at the end of the day if somebody wants to do business with you they are going to reply and do business with you. 


On average it takes about six to eight touches to close a deal. Touches can be anything from an email to a text message to a phone call. That means you’ll need to do - on average - about seven follow-ups to close warm prospects.

Tip: Start a drip campaign to send emails automatically at your ideal tempo. Keep in mind that your follow-up emails should not be replicas of your previous emails! Make your emails in advance.



Email Marketing takes some Work.

By using the right tools you can spare yourself a lot of work and repetition.

That's why AllProWebTools allows you to Create automated email marketing campaigns and track your open and click-throughs with ease.

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