Open Rate

Every email has an open rate.  It shows the percentage of emails that were opened vs how many were sent.

A low open rate means that after you send out many emails, only a small percentage of humans are opening your emails to read them.

Get Your Email in the Inbox

  • If your email does not go to the inbox, it certainly won't be opened.
  • If your domain name has been blacklisted, your email won't make it to the inbox.
  • If you do not have the correct DNS settings for your domain, your email will not land in the inbox.  DNS typically requires the following:
  • DKIM & SPF are provided by:
    • Three CNAME DNS entries
  •  DMARC
    • One TXT DNS entry
  • Your specific settings will be provided in your AllProWebTools account

Intrigue the Human

  • Humans are busy, and they don't want to waste time.  They scan their email inbox looking at subject lines and they usually only click on subject lines that interest them or emails from someone they recognize.
  • If your subject line is not interesting, or the human does not recognize you, then your email may not get opened.
  • Many email programs show the subject line and ALSO the first line of the body of the email - without the human actually opening your email.  If the first line of your email is not interesting, the human may not open your email to read it.






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